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    yamaha yzf r125 (xbox colours) sinnis eagle 125 (chinese moped)

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    i love to play football i aslo do alot of trials bike riding around various towns. i am also a drummer but the thing i love the most other than my girlfriend is riding my yamaha yzf r125 :D
  1. cheers mate, i already have a bmc air filter in the bike but i didnt know if you could do any remapping of the cdi unit or whichever, i have been looking about for a exhaust but im strapped for cash at present so im gonna wait but for what the bike is it is amazing and isnt exactly slow lol.
  2. hey this question is probably always asked but is there any mod on a yamaha yzf r125 (2008 reg) to make it more powerful/quicker apart from a 150/180cc upgrade many thanks alex
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