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  1. Just as I suspected, don't have a problem with soap and water, I'm just a bit of a cleaning freak Cheers
  2. So I'm getting a 2013 Fazer 8 and it's coming in Matte Grey. Has anyone any experience on if/how you should clean this paintwork? Part of me thinks you shouldn't polish it due to matte not supposed to have any shine, but thought I'd ask... Thanks Dan
  3. Hi Sorry only just seen this post. It did make some difference but not enough for my liking. Since this bike I've swapped to an FZ8 - same problem too windy - so I'm going to a Fazer 8, tested it and loved it
  4. Hmm considering black myself. Agreed - will keep an eye on the temp. watched it before when i fitted one to my XJ6, found there was a 4-5 degree increase in temperature.
  5. Hi All, So finally got round to fitting a rad cover to my FZ8 to give it some protection. Can't make my mind up whether I like it on or not now. Any comments?
  6. dand

    My new FZ8

    Tyres seemed to have stopped squeaking now that I've done 1000 miles. It's a much nicer ride than my XJ6 now that I can ramp the revs up. It's even given me confidence to start getting my knee out a bit - not sure why, I just feel more confident on it and enjoy it more than my old XJ6.
  7. dand

    My new FZ8

    No not really, just applying them steadily and gradually (what i'd call progressive braking). Last night they seemed a little better once i'd done about 40-50 miles
  8. dand

    My new FZ8

    Well so far today has been nice, already been out for 1 quick blast. Yeah def tyres as its that rubbery squeaky sound
  9. dand

    My new FZ8

    Tell me about it. Still not sure I like the tyres it came with (Bridgestones) as opposed to my old XJ6's Dunlops. They dont half squeak a bit when you apply the brakes coming upto a junction, not sure they grip too well...
  10. dand


  11. dand

    My new FZ8

    Shame about the weather though! Managed to put 300 miles on it, now the weather seems rubbish everyday
  12. dand

    My new FZ8

    Thank you. I have to say that it's my parents place, but double garage sure is handy.
  13. dand

    My new FZ8

    So I upgraded from an XJ6 to an FZ8, and I have to say I love it. I'm not a power freak or anything, but it's nice to have a bit more grunt low down and the power band is nice n smooth just like on the XJ6 in my opinion. It's been great on the motorway so far as it's less buzzy - it just hums along Pics: Extras: Centre Stand Rack Box
  14. I had an XJ6 for a year (just sold it) put 3000 miles on it in the year, was a good bike. Upgrading to an FZ8 now..
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