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  1. dont go third party only you need to heave theft covered (now im not saying you live next to gippo's or chavs) but you do need to be covered. £220 seems quite good but try devitt insurance, they do good first time biker rates
  2. well ive fitted the bracket and attached the screen, im chuffed how cool it is i took it onto the motorway to test and lets just say that its very stable and cuts through the air defleting the wind over me like it should... job done if only i knew how to add a piccy!!
  3. My brackets are being manufactured as I speak (hopefully) and I'll be fitting them tonight, I'll test it on the motorway on the way to rivvy barn on Sunday !!
  4. Hmmm, I may mod mine with the rim tape... Looks ok
  5. Get yourself an Almax chain, they are the ultimate defence and virtually unbreakable Get a solid steel bar and bend it into a 'U' and concrete it into the ground And nobody gonna nick your next bike mate Btw that's the security I have, I'm taking no chances after losing a bke to theiving chav bastards
  6. I only wear Frank Thomas gear so far I have had 2 piece Leather suit Summer gloves Pair of winter boots Pair of summer boots 2 piece textile suit Textile jacket Out of all this gear the only prob I've had is the Velcro tab on my textile jacket. Coming loose and need stitching up That's pretty good considering I ride in all weather 5 days a week to work and also go on holidays and ride outs on my bike I'm pretty tough on my gear and I'm really happy how it stands up to it
  7. yes both, you should have been told this when you went for your cbt also those that 'cut' the l plates down are also breaking the law the plate must be full size and have all the white background still on it
  8. ive designed a nice 'U' bracket which will bold onto the frame under the dash and connect with the screen, im really impressed with it! all i have to do now is give it the DT guy at school and get him to manufacture it to the same spec. re: the official flyscreen it only has a small lip of a couple of inches, hardly worth over £100 and will hardly deflect much wind (in my opnion)
  9. Bloody iPhone !!! The title is meant to say XJ6 not XH6
  10. Hi all I've just bought a diversion screen for my xj6 (not a diversion) I know it's meant to screw o to the fairing but I know there must be a way Of fitting it without having to manufacture a complicated bracket system and drilling holes into my clock dash etc If anyone has any experience of fitting a divvy screen onto a naked xj6 I would be appreciative of any help Cheers
  11. hiya i think i'd be up for that ride but dont know if i can make it this weekend. ive been on rideouts for the past few weekends and the wife is feeling neglected!!! i'll let you know if she goves me permission or not!!!
  12. eff1nutta

    Oh dear

    Best laugh I've had all day!
  13. I am a chilled rider, I enjoy the ride
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