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  1. So all is going well she's starting to look more like a bike again but I'm stuck, still waiting on the seat unit to arrive and so far the tracking info states that it's had two failed collections as the parcel wasn't packed and the other one was that the sender wasn't at the unit to open up shop! So a slightly snotty email sent stating I want it dispatched tomorrow if not I shall be naming and shaming him.

  2. Yer one respistor per bulb, where the LED draw way less current than a normal bulb does if you just fit one resistor yout have three really fast indicators and one normal one haha.

    Thankfully we haven't had any snow darn sarf for ages, don't really want it either haha.

  3. What you could do is loosen all the engine mounts,(take wheels and forks out) put blocks of wood under the frame so as that the engine drops slightly down into the frame which will give you some extra top clearance to get them off.

    |I never put them back on when i rebuilt Betty, looks much more mechanical without them

  4. You just need to get some in line resistors to slow down the blink rate if you can't find a LED resistor for the viggy. on my Draggy i got some 0.9ohm (i think it was that) resistors from work, soldered wire on each end and added a bullet connector, heat shrinked it all and put them on then plugged the LED indicator onto that and it worked fine untill i pulled them off again and just rode with no indicators at all.

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  5. Make sure your chains are off the ground, doing this means that they will have to use their puny crack ridden arms to squeeze the bolt croppers rather than using the ground to there advantage and using their body weight to snap the chain.

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  6. So sorry to hear this buddy, if i was closer or had my bike on the road i'd be down to give you a hand. might also be worth buying a cover for it as well (if not already got one) as if they can't see what you got then they normally just leave it.

    Scary thing is tho is that as they have done it once, they may do it again once she's fixed up so try and get her out of view and some where harder to fuck about with.

    Good luck with it mate and if you ever need a hand you know where we are, even if we cant be at your door we are all hear for written help.

  7. Its not that hard but it takes some effort as it not like the xvs1100 where half the frame comes out to aid removal and install.

    You need to undo all the bolts, take off the plastic covers on the top of the rockers, romove carbs and exhaust. then take the motor out with the prop shaft coming out last (so remove it from the right hand side of frame)

    Tilt the front cylinder out and almost rotate the engine around as you lift it out (front exhaust port coming out 90 degrees from frame)

    Hopefully this makes some sense????

  8. Better the devil you know, keep your bike and wait for a better bike to come up that needs less - no work. sounds like this FZR is a pile of shit and no onder this bloke wants to trade yours for his.

    Also if your planning on staying with the YOC its nice to see an intro in the new members section ;)

  9. I know what you mean bud, if I could I'd mount it on the side like I did with Betty, but sadly that's the only place it can go so I can see it. 

    Might look better when the rest of the front end is on????

  10. Cool, well I'm sure we will see how they stand up to all weather use in the coming months I spose. 

    Going to try and get a few hours build time in tonight and tomorrow I'll grit blast the fuel tank and get it ready for paint.

  11. 12 hours ago, jimmy said:

    Hey Noise. That second last pic, is that an oil breather, and does it have a non return valve

    Yer thats an oil breather, bolts in where the oil filler cap goes. Not sure if it has a non return valve, will have to check it out when i get home. im sure it will have

    11 hours ago, finnerz89 said:

    Ooooh now I look the look of that exhaust! What make? Or is it a custom jobbie?

    Sent from my E6553 using Tapatalk

    Its a aftermarket Cafe racer exhaust from the bay of E. seen it, loved it, bought it haha.

    11 hours ago, drewpy said:

    see you've been on the China sites ;)


    I got the levers from there and have done a track day with them on

    Didn't buy anything from the china sites buddy as it takes too long to get here, but im sure they did come from China tho haha, are they as ggod as they look then?

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