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  1. On 26/03/2016 at 7:51 PM, neversaydie said:

    Looks like a Virago

    Dont let Noise see it

    Great job though, love it. Why not try selling a couple, see how it goes, supplement the pension

    Just been able to see this and I think it's the best looking virago out there!

    Welldone meatloaf hope she's enjoying it? Just don't stick panniers on it haha

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  2. Cracking little build buddy, looks really smart, my only gripe is that i think you should have atleast given the engine a lick of paint to smarten it up. You have a beautiful powdercoated frame thats shiney and new then what looks like a rotten lump just chucked in. Kinda lets it down a tad.

    Keep it up n looking forward to seeing the end result. :thumb:

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  3. Yer i painted the frame and also the engine had been painted before i inherited it. Thank you all for confirming this for me, i'll get back onto the wiring as soon as i have finished painting the fuel tank and will report back with the findings.

    Kinda want this on the road now as the weather is picking up and i haven't ridden since i sold Betty. :(

  4. Hey Guys, after a little advice if possible?

    Making good progress on the build, so i decided to plug the loom in and see if she would turn over to move the oil around the motor. All plugs in and fully charged battery, turn the key (head light and rear light come on) push the starter button.......................nothing. checked the kill switch and that was on "run"

    Tried to turn the lights off on the switch gear and they just stay on, tried the horn and that too failed to work, same with the indicators and high low switch. I then also noticed that the idiot lights do not work???

    I have not messed with the loom at all as im not even going to open that can of worms again and it all worked before the bike was stripped down so im baffled as to why only the lights come on and stay on and thing else works. I shorted out the starter relay with the screw driver which did rotate the engine but this is just bypassing the problem.

    Is this a possible earth problem do you think?


  5. 23 hours ago, Ttaskmaster said:

    Is that before or after you've spent time modding in those quick-release parts.... and where's yer clocks, man?

    Yer I see where your going with that haha . 

    Speedo was side mounted on Betty, not much use in that location but you can only go as fast as the cage in front or if on a open road................

  6. hi Mate,

    By taking the tank off you will epose the wiring loom, but as for what wire and how your going to link up a gear indicator i have not got a clue.

    best thing to do and is by far the easiest and cheapest way is to just get out on the bike and get used to the feel of what gear your in. If its screaming when riding then go up a gear, if its bogging down and not accelerating smoothly then tap down a gear. simples

  7. Hi Dan,

    Im pretty sure the Remus exhaust doesn't add BHP but even if it did, it would be so little its hardly worth declaring. Just say they add noise to the bike ;) the only way you are truly going to find out is to have it dyno run'd which yer is fun but having someone rag the shit out of your pride and joy squeezing every bit of power out of it can be gut wrenching to watch.

    as for the disc lock, i've never used one so couldn't comment, if i rememebr my mates disc lock tho im pretty sure they are a universal fit as your just pushing a piston onto the disc to lock in place???

    PS piccies are always a must in this place so show us the bike :thumb:

  8. 9 hours ago, jimmy said:

    When I was an apprentice, we used to call that type of weld a 'snotter' 

    Did you put slugs in the frame

    Yer i can see why you called them that, not the neatest way to weld im sure, think that when i move house next year and get a bigger cave i will up grade a fair few of the toys. I slugged the frame with 1" bar top and bottom.

    8 hours ago, drewpy said:

    hopefully hollow ones. really needs holes drilled and weld filled too onto the slugs

    I did not know this tho, as i have already fitted the slugs and welded the fram over the top, is it a good idea for me to drill 1/4" into the slug and plug weld the hole up or will this just inadvertantly make the slug/frame weak in that spot?

  9. Little more done tonight still getting used to the welder and it's best(ish) set up but atleast I can lift the rear of the bike up without them snapping. 

    Cross strut in place, one more to go. 

  10. Little update, got new steel bar and tubing to re make the sub frame to secure the seat, I just need to take the bar into work and shape two slugs on the lathe to fix it all together. 

    Also had the sexy new headlight screen delivered today and had to fit it as soon as.

    All the way from Germany 

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  11. Busy night tonight, so scary taking the angle grinder to the sub frame but needs must and now the seat unit is duck taped in place awaiting the steel tube to arrive to rebuild the frame.



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