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  1. Noise

    Project Jennifer

    God i really think i need to get back onto this one! nearly been a year and i still haven't bolted the crank cases together of even bought the bolts to do the job yet
  2. Noise

    Project hakka

    Fuck me he's one of those folks haha I'll upload them tonight, work has blocked all media sharing unfortunatly.
  3. Noise

    Project hakka

    Hey folk sorry its been some time since i wrote on this work has been manic! So, the motor is all done and finished and in the frame now (pics will follow tonight) and the frame is nice and black now. still got a fair few bits to sort out before she starts up which are: fit sump, oil cooler and lines. Fit new streetfighter seat unit, LED strip lights (brake and indies) Cafe racer exhaust, SS brake lines, all new cables, renthal bars, mini speedo, wiring loom, re paint fuel tank and other parts, fit carbs and pod filters, new crank breather lines and filter and new handle bar levers, new chain and sprockets, refurb calipers. (think thats it) Will keep you all posted once all the parts start hitting the doors step.
  4. Looking really smart bud! well done Only negitive for me is the studded seat. you could always sell it to the YMCA haha.
  5. Yer i spose you are right, such a silly law, after nearly killing you i think ripping off a wing mirror is a small consolation prize and also a nice little reminder to not use a mobile when driving.
  6. Well done for putting him in his place, you should have taken his wing mirror as a trophy tho, therefore i must deduct half a point from you. 9.5/10 for effort. They are proper twats these phone users and im dreading the next wave of new cars to hit the roads with there new in car Wifi and head up displays etc etc thats now coming out. Soon they will all be monged out robots with next to fuck all common sense and the lack to see past their own snotter.
  7. Noise


    I like that idea apart from the two HUD in the visors, too much to distract the rider, if they just had the warning lights that would be cool but what if your at traffic lights and some dick pulls up behind you, then your have red flashing lights a vibrating head (not in a good way) and the annoying frog screaming in your ear till you pull away.
  8. Noise


    Could always pose that to Yamaha to see if its possible haha, can put a red sliding light on the front for the beam like Kit in night rider..............sounds pretty cool come to think of it
  9. Noise


    Hi folks, Sorry for not being on for a while just been busy with work as I have now been given a new job which I am now a mechanical technician building sonar systems. Project hakka is getting better and I now have the engine fully built but the chop is still on the back burner. Hope your all well and had a good Christmas and new year? Did you all get what you needed?
  10. Not a clue.............think he might be a storm trooper in the new star wars film
  11. A little update on the world famous Ronnie Pickering http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3367943/Band-makes-bid-Christmas-No-1-charity-single-ballad-road-rage-grandfather-Ronnie-Pickering.html He better get it or there will be a bare knuckle fight
  12. Very lucky indeed. Bet he couldn't do it a second time tho
  13. Noise


    I was going to get these on my Betty but sold her vefore i could sneak the large amount of cash out the account without the wife spotting it. From what i have read they are well worth the money and that price also includes the Makuni 45 carb so you do get a bit for your doller
  14. Noise

    Project hakka

    Good news! bought myself an early present last night consisting of a full gasket set for the bandit, so with a bit of luck i will have the motor all built over the Christmas period and the frame is already to recieve it too. only thing is that i've kinda fallen in love with a streetfighter seat unit so she might not be on the road quite when i was hoping Also i have my mates 1984 XJ900 back in the shed for a full engine rebuild due to a leaky bottom gasket, so its two on the go at the same time, hopefully the bandit wont get a set of XJ cams haha
  15. Nope not a fan of the change. all we should have is a big botton that says POST/REPLY, a button for smiley faces and a button for links. job jobbed.
  16. Noise

    Attempted scam

    I had a similar scam when I put Betty up for sale, in the end I ignored them and then the cheeky fuck sent me a fake letter from the "met police" (guess they ment the metropolitan police) saying I'm going to court as I owed them money which I could pay via PayPal to make it easier! I ignored that too.
  17. Congratulations on his success! Also a black belt is just a white belt that just never stops learning.
  18. Noise

    2 years later

    Congrats buddy, enjoy the time on the bike bikes
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