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  1. Well i have cleaned every thing, taken the carb out and cleaned it properly, checked the barrel and piston which are all ok, its getting fuel, its getting air and its got a good spark and compression yet the bastard thing still will not start? I am completely stumped with it. Any ideas what else i could try (apart from going all out Thor on it with my 5lb lump hammer)
  2. Noise

    Fake or not ?

    To be truthful i've never tried them so could never actually give a yes or no answer, i always go to Halfrauds for spark plugs as i can just walk in get ass raped for the price and go home fitting the parts whilst rubbing cold cream into my anus thinking why did i go back there (paid £20 for two plugs ). Ok granted the chinese working force are in a bad predicerment but atleast they are in work un like some of the jokers living over here signing on the doll for a 2l bottle of white lightning. If they work in the bike then brilliant, if your pistons stay in good working order in time for your next service i will surely look into buying some.
  3. It is a massive ball ache drew, i had the head off just a second ago and thats fine, no scoring or top end damage so it must be carb. My mate messaged me and said he did strip the carb and cleaned it but looking at the exterior he aint done a very good job but i maybe wrong.
  4. Here is the carb A diaphragm under the seat thats attached to the carb Engine This filter gose down the the bit thats covered in crap in the next picture which is bolted to the engine
  5. Hey guys and girls, Well i have just been dumped at the cave my mates 50cc moped and to be fair im already pissed off with it and I've not even started on the thing. Now a bit of history, he dropped it at mine about a month ago as it was coughing and spluttering when he accelerated and the dope didnt put a part of the air filter back on as he didn't think it needed it, so it was getting too much air and after a bit of gaffer tape and a word of advise to get the pipe back on when he was home solved that problem. Now it's back but now as of Sunday he has said it revs up but as soon as its going and you put your feet up it bogs down and dies. Now as i had today off i thought id get cracking on it once i was back from the docs and took it round the block to which it did bog down and died but now it won't start at all. I have no understanding on how these black magic things work so just after a little advise if you guys know of any thing? The plug is wet but very black and when it was started it stank of strong petrol, so im thinking it must be carb problems?
  6. Could always use hockey stick handgrip tape?
  7. Wooooo!! Finally been able to order the full engine gasket set today so should have them here on Monday, so if all goes well and i can get some new domed head nuts then i "should" have the engine all bolted back together by Thursday and then fired up! Thats if i have enough money in the kitty for oil and a filter.
  8. That is stunning mate! Job very well done.
  9. Stick a 2smoke chain saw motor on it
  10. Sell them on ebay as they will soon be collectable haha
  11. Thats why you call someone who dosn't buy much "as tight as a ducks ass"
  12. I say dont do it, as its just like playing golf! they all dress funny, play with small balls and smell of some strange stuff and even though we take the piss out of them once you go and join in, thats it your stuck with it and you never leave! sort of like the twilight zone. Just rock up, quick burn out to show them all that they let age beat them and ride off into the setting sun with the biggest grin on your face knowing that growing old is enevitable but growing up is optional
  13. You can bend them back into place, nice big ring spanner, just take it slow and let the ally take its time to.move at its own pace, if you use too much force too quickly thats when it will snap.
  14. Hi Jester, Welcome the the club, its normally the norm to post an intro in the new members section just to let us know a bit about yourself so we can get to know you (we like making new freinds) As for the oil and price, this sounds like a typical main dealer price so dont worry about that. next time buy a service manual and do it your self (its very easy) and you can save money on labour etc. Now for the Oil, 4.0L would be the amount of oil needed for just an oil change, 4.5L will be the amount needed for an oil AND oil filter change the filter will soak up a sertain amount of oil (like chucking a spounge in the sink) so they have done the correct thing
  15. Hi Alex, First off welcome to the club, its best to nip over to the new members section of the forum and introduce yourself before asking some questions (just a bit about yourself so we get to know you) Second i too wanted to get the KJS kit for my bobber so if you come up with a way to make a new manifold id love to know how you do it as $650 then shipping for me is a tad stupid. Try here for new jets https://startinglineproducts.com/catalog.cfm?pageID=detail&catalogID=3&catID=21&productID=363 And Lastly if you can do a build thread when you make the manifold that would be brilliant
  16. Noise

    First fall.

    Glad to hear your ok buddy, the amount of mud on the road these days left by tractors is stupid but with out them we got no chips or milk, being down here in somerset we got hundreds of the buggers. On a few corners there is also dropped gravel, barley and last week i think there was even aprt of the actual tractor in the road.
  17. Too late mate, im off into the shed tonight to stick it in the 40kg vice, two is more than enough.
  18. Thats pretty crap news buddy, as much as you seemed annoyed that you had to spend lots of money on him to get him back to health atleast you and the wife gave him a better life. RIP little sod.
  19. Well if you could do us a follow up video, im still a bit un sure as to how the mouth to mouth bit works.
  20. Its a very tight gear box too mate low mileage and always got a wet sump.
  21. I agree with Nayruf, i have never owned a XJ900 but helped fix my mates 87 Xj900 for him it was a top end re-build but that was purly down to the fact he snapped an exhaust studd off and took half the cylinder head off with it. Other than that and the exhaust rooting out from the collector box and the odd rust bubbles on the swing arm the thing runs like a dream, loads of pulling power and once its cruising its brillant! And i think it had done about 73-80k miles
  22. Well here she is as she stands now, nice satin black frame and matt black and gold engine. I was going to buy the full gasket set today but as the wife decided to kirb the car tyre and prolapse the side wall i guess i had to fork out £100 on a new one of them.
  23. Well done that man, once it bites you you can never get fully satisfied and the love of it only gets bigger and more gripping. Saty safe out there and nerves are a good thing but dont let them get the better of you, remeber YOU ride the bike the bike should never ride you if it does then it normally means your off and the rider / motorbike roles have changed drastically bad. ha-ha
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