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  1. Noise

    Lock picking.

    No problem lock picking the 5.8 ton forklift at my works, what ever you can find on the floor thats strong and fits in the hole will start the thing
  2. Gotta agree with all of the above. If you have a Harley already then your love the 650 Draggy, brilliant at low speed and very compfy top end isn't great but its a cruiser so speed isn't in its nature but it has plenty of torque to pull anyones fat ass up to speed in a jiffy. Try taking one out for a test ride as well as the 535 to see which one you like, the 535 will be a lot better in the corners compaired to the draggy
  3. Gotta agree with you there Foams, i like my boobs BHS (British Hand Size) Besides Its bad enough listening to them always bitching about that time of the month pain let alone adding the "O my back hurts with these massive tits" to the convo.
  4. Its always good to check the oil regular other wise you end up properly out of pocket with a very bitchy wife for a few months
  5. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2830081/Gruesome-video-shows-happens-time-man-squeezes-spot-s-neck-20-years.html?ito=video_player_click#video
  6. Signed, hopfully something will come of it but as per the norm with these things if its not a pertition to boost the MP's wages and retierment piggy bank they aint interested
  7. Noise

    Fuel prices "

    To be fair they tax us on every thing over here, we even get taxed for air..........................ever bought a packet of crisps over here! I must admit i really do like the sound of the electric Harley they are thinking about putting into mass production, the wing mirrors let it down tho.
  8. Noise

    Fuel prices "

    Its all a bunch of tosh if you ask me, the Gov demand that the supermarkets dop the price of fuel at the pumps.....hmmm is there an election coming up some time soon? So the supermarkets drop the fuel by a penny............well done them................ im more shocked they didn't reduce it by half a crown bunch of money grabbing Not to mention that BT, Sky and Talk Talk are bumping up there line rental on the 1st Dec and with out a doubt British Gas etc are going to up the price of there consumable items.
  9. Stick to motorbike projects mate, atleast those you can put in your room where you know they are safe. Its a flipping joke really as like you say, your all there for the same reason and should all look out for one enother (to some degree) but there is always those select dick rimmers that prefer to fuck with other peoples gear. Hope you catch the twats or some thing REALLY bad happenes to them.
  10. Well.................... You can always try and find a place that will do a moody MOT, my mates chopper has no hand controls at all uses the key to shut off the bike like you want to do and has the vintage high beam switch on top of the light unit and his passes the MOT, but its one they call a "moody MOT". Basically once the bike has gone in for the MOT and nothing falls off they will give your the cert if you come and get the bike within 4 minutes. As long as nothing is stupidly dangerous and is a risk to both the rider or the public then they are "ok" with it. Ok the killswitch is there to kill the motor in the event of an accedent, most accedents will kill the motor for you.
  11. Noise

    New Handlebars

    Gotta agree with Slice there buddy on both accounts. Rethal Bars are both reasonable price wise and good quality. Think i done a write up some where about changing handle bars on someone elses thread it was on a cruiser but the principle is the same. Post up an intro and i'll did it out for you
  12. Cheers Unk, but nope i actually done a mans job in the Army, none of that mandy pandy crap in the Navy / fly boys stuff haha (loves ya Foams)
  13. Hey guys and Gals, Well a quick little update, Sunday just gone i was meant to have the second part of my tattoo done but sadly (or fortunatley) my tattoist had the squits so had to cancel which meant i had some extra cash in the pocket which soon went on the bike. A trip out to the shop and i bring back oil filter, oil and spark plugs which only ment one thing.....................i was going to try and start her up for the first time in a year and a half. So whilst i was fillining her up and turning in the spark plugs i was doing the pre run checks and gently stroking her while giving words of encoragement (you better start ya fecker) Key went in, Dog shut out the shed, Wife walks out with my brew Starter button was pressed............................ NOTHING!!!!!! Standing there in confusion Wife has cocky smerk on her face Got stung by the kill switch goblin Kill switch on Run Press button AND BOOM!!!!!!! She fire into life with plumes of white smoke (oil i put in barrels) So now i know she works its now just a case of buying all the rest of the bits and bobs i need to get her on the road.
  14. Sorry to hear of this mate, but so glad she is ok as they always say it could have been worse. I had three very close SMIDSY's in two days, (two of which where this morning) the two this morning thankfully stopped at the last possible moment one of which coming from a minor to major road from the right had to did over the the wrong side of the road to avoid the dreaded "rider band" on the bonnet. The third happened yesterday on a round about where the twat cut me up on the exit even though he knew i was there as my 2" open pipes where by his car door the whole way round the round about. But apparently i was the one in the wrong.
  15. Sadly my little girl is hooked on the film and in one day (just to keep the piece) she watched it 3 times till i decided the crying was better that listening to the film. But i just spotted this brilliant Guitar version and thought it was worth a post.
  16. Yer looks like thats going to be a good lookng 125 once finished. The great thing about these Yams and many other Jap bikes is that the wires all have a corrisponding male and female plug so they only go in one plug no way of messing that up unless they have been cut off. Hard put will be if you haven't set the clutch up properly and when you go to ride away you have no bitting point O and one more thing, you need to ditch them indicators, they let the whole thing down in my opinion.
  17. Another example of how rock makes every thing better
  18. How about one of those magic cups with YOC on one side and then a picture of Kev on the other side, then when you put your hot cuppa tea (or Coffee) Kev's cloths dissaper to reveal a dashing mankini?? Just putting it out there, food for thought
  19. Think we just found that Arab Prince that promised us that payout if we sent him some money.
  20. The only way to get a YOC T-shirt is to ask the bloke dressed as Santa at the shopping center.
  21. Noise

    Want a new helmet

    After reading this i wont be supprised to see you on that embarising bodies with a poorly looking helmet
  22. Sorry Steve i wont be able to meet up this weekend as i have one of them familey meet things that involves being around my sisters screaming kids for the whole weekend and pretent that i actualy get along with her husband. Really hope you have a good ride out and birthday bud and hopfuly meet up with all of you at one of these meets.
  23. Well there we have it, all that hard work boils down to this result. Took a little effort to get her in and bolted up but its always easier when you bribe some mates with free tea and biscuits haha.
  24. How about this for a nights work, only thing i gotta do tonight is fit the clutch cover then with a bit of luck i can get it back in the frame tomorrow night
  25. Yep looks like thats what it is buddy, thank you for finding that, told my mate to order a new cdi unit that will bypass the immobiliser which will cost him £50 rather than the £250 from the dealer Thanks again
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