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  1. Will give this a go for Def tonight, couldn't do nothing last night as the wife had me painting the decking till gone 2100hrs.
  2. Dear Asda, Last week I purchased some of your "smart price" toilet tissue and I have some thoughts to share with you. For my first use I folded it twice like I normally would, but it was so weak it broke, at which point I realised I had fingered myself. That's right. No romance, no weekend in Venice, just one swift digit up the wrong 'un in a cold bathroom in Nottingham. So what exactly is "smart" about "smart price"? My eyes certainly smarted a bit as I jabbed at my rectum. I spent the next few minutes in the saddest bathroom scene since Oscar Pistorius, debating whether to sacrifice a bath towel, a sock or the fleece of the first staff member I find at my local store. A few more minutes passed, the anger subsided and I made a second attempt. You see this stuff might be half the price of branded stuff, but I found I needed to bandage it tightly 7-8 times around my hand to prevent me from molesting myself a second time, leaving me looking like an Egyptian mummy that's just performed a prostate exam. The feeling of shame was soon replaced with regret, as I realised I had better things within arms reach to do the job. Even the pumice stone on the edge of my bath looked like it could do a better job than the stuff you supply. I noticed in the news today your sales have dropped 7.5% in 3 months. Looks like it's not just the competition you can't wipe out! Yours truly, Ben Martin
  3. I haven't tried the bump start yet as the brakes need sorting and im not that brave to ride off without that capability (even tho i'd happily ride the thing into a wall haha) Before he bought the new battery we did try jump leads from me car and still only got the click and a slight step from the rotor on the left of the motor I'll recheck the connectors on the relay etc tonight this could be a very good point. When i rebuilt the starter motor i did buzz it with some cables from his battery and she span up lovely so we can rule out that i fucked up that build haha, Also before he bought the new starter relay i did short out the old one with the old screw drive trick and again billy bollocks happend. will have a butchers tonight and report back
  4. Yup as Tout said, both exactly the same thing. But there is one small difference...... some of the yanks 650's and some 1100 models have extra tubing on the engine for the environmental hippies but thats the only difference which wont effect fitting saddle bags
  5. Noise

    How Many Left

    Looks like i have the only K4 CB750 in the UK, (still not registered yet tho) I see that the K4 was only for the Americans (and i did get it from the states) but surely there must be other K4's in the UK?
  6. Hey folk, After a little of the old "try this" info if you could? I am still doing up my mates XJ900 which i have had since December and have got to the stage in the game of starting her up (with no luck) basically the problem is that i press the starter button and all that happens is you get a click from the relay and the motor twitches and then you get the buzzing as tho the battery is dead.........But hear is the list of what i have done and fitted. Old engine was fucked (top crank case split) so replaced with a second hand one New engine stripped, cleaned and new gaskets fitted (turns over by hand) Starter motor overhauld with new electrics and planatary gears cleaned and re-greesed New battery fitted New starter relay fitted New sparks, Oil and new filters New rear shocks (Wont effect starting.....................i dont think so any way haha) Electrics all cleaned I havent checked what the battery is pumping out when i depress the start button yet as i havn't got a multi meter but if i can get my hands on one i'll post up the resluts. Im just at a loss as its showing the signs of a dead battery but it was brand new out the box, liquids put in a and left to sit over night to come to life and bugger all is happening (stroky beard moment)
  7. Yup, go by the manuel not what the ill informed school of you tube teachers say. Some you tube vids are spot on but a fair few you need to see through the self tought mechanics that like to try and help
  8. He had my vote till he said he rides a BMW haha.
  9. Noise

    fuel tap

    Ey, as said above, Prime is to fill the carbs up after bike has been standing for any number of time, some might be a day or two some could last weeks. i normally only use the prime if i have had the carbs off and drained them but apart from that i just choke it and fire up.
  10. Noise

    bit puzzeled

    To me it seams that the person who wrote this artical dosn't like any of the listed prefessions and is having a dig at all of them. My top three worst drivers are: people with hats...............baseball cap = young inexperianced chav who think they are Hamleton or Flat caps = OAP who can just about see over the steering wheel Folk with hands free ear device..............cought up in this mornings meeting and still drinking their coffee wife has made in their favorite mug Teenagers with more than one in the car. I like to give all them a wide birth in my personal opinion. "some" are ok and capable drivers but i like to treat eveyone on the road the same and try to stay away as best i can
  11. There really aint much out there from what i have seen, sadly i haven't got anyone in the know with one for sale (unless foamy has one lurking about??) Seen this one on cars n classics but its in Hampshire http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C773538 What do you think about a Suzi Van Van? we had them as our sudent bikes for our CBT's and they are such a brilliant little bike. Nice and easy and forgiving to ride and pretty much indestructable, fat rear wheel gave loads of stability in shitty weather and one of our other instructors took one home in the snow and it was fantastic (25mile trip) pick them up for less than £2k on auto traider http://www.autotrader.co.uk/search/used/bikes/suzuki/rv125_vanvan/postcode/ba215rq/radius/1501/searchcontext/default/page/1/sort/default Hopefully your find her one and she has a fantastic birthday with many years of happy riding (and with a bit of luck on a DT)
  12. Standard Metric M10 pitch, now you just need to know how long the bolt needs to be.
  13. Got mine off good old Ebay, mine where only 6" high with a 2-3" pull back (if i rememebr correctly)
  14. Warning if you don't like watching people vomit then stop at 2:50
  15. Noise

    MT-125 stolen :(

    Sorry to hear about the theft buddy but thankfully theinsurance aint being total twats by taking their time sorting you out! i'd take the cash they give you and buy the bike you want, Only because that you bike "was" brand new..........now you have ridden it off the dealership forecourt it is now second hand and has dropped a fair few £££ and they may try the old "book price" payout I recon that all bike manufactures should convert the fork stansions to hold a 12 gauge slug in them and unless the owners keys are in the lock as soon as these bastards try to move the bars.........................BOOM!!!!!!!!!! problem solved, no inquest, no trial, just straight cut justice.
  16. Are all the plugs on the wiring loom clean? The pins could have become carbon'd up after the power surge thus not giving a good connection. Take them all off (1 by 1) spray some electrical cleaner in there which you can get from Maplins and give them a good clean with a cotton bud.
  17. Cool, another red brown greener! Do you know if your viggy has ever had an engine rebuild? im just thinking wether or not the timing is out? but im guessing that she ran fine before this power cut, in which case the timing will be fine. Did you find out about this rouge spark coming from the HT lead to top of engine? If your close to Yeovil and can get the bike down here i'd have a look for you (extra pair of eyes and all that)
  18. When you say you changed the TDI do you mean the CDI (brains of the bike?) this "could" have blown in the power cut. Do you know what made all the fuses pop in the first place? Id say take both the spark plugs out and rest on the engine and see if they both spark, as if you only have the front one out it may seem to be delayed as it might be because the rear cylinder has only just finished its ignition stroke when you press the button. If your getting sparks on both cylinders then your starting issue could be down you fuel but im leaning more to electrical fault (worth a ceak tho). Make sure the HT leads are pushed right down onto the plugs and you feel good resistance on the HT cap as you push it onto the plug. Also does the battery sound strong when its turning over? if not then you may have a warped cell in there and be best to replace it. I know you say you toppe dit up but if it was killed in the power cut then your never going to regenerate it.
  19. Your very welcome buddy, sorry I couldn't give you the brew as promised but with both our school runs looming I knew we'd get chatting and there would be two kids wandering around trying to find us haha. Hopefully it's gets you going again.
  20. Noise

    Project hakka

    She's on the road!!! Few loose things after the ride to work but sorted them out once I sneaked her into the work shop. But on way home I lost the end can (obviously missed that bolt) so gotta do a search and rescue mission on way home tomorrow. Pics this morning before work
  21. Noise


    Welcome Mcleod. We are a very loose group of folk so unless your giving personal abuse then its hard to offend (come off it have you found the pic of Foamy that we all dread to think of.....?) I had a 125 draggy too and i also loved it till i got the 650, then the grin factor just grew and grew!
  22. I still got my old one in the loft you can have. It has had dents repaired after some twat drove through my garden fence. Just needs sanding down and painting. Pm if your interested
  23. Lovely looking bob buddy! You could have fitted a custom made fanny pad for her to sit on. All you would have needed was a good bit of sheet steel cut into a rectangle to the size of your choice. Drill 4 holes in each corner and insert 4 suction cups into the holes. Put on some self adhesive foam (cheap on eBay) and comes in any thickness you want. Shape the foam then cover it in motorbike seat vinyl which again is about a tenner on eBay. Then it just sticks on or pops off when you want it. Only problem is that it seams the previous owner has cut off the pillion foot peg brackets so unless you are willing to weld a new set on I'm afraid this baby is all for you to enjoy to yourself Thankfully tout the previous owner has only cut off the rear part of the stock fender and part of the brackets that hold it up so all is good to fit a pillion pad. Just that the peg brackets have been hacked off. (from what I can see and remember from Betty)
  24. Yer thats what she's says after waking up
  25. Congratulations Steve, its a massive culture shock tho and the first few weeks are a litte tough to adjust into "your own" routine. Hopefully your find a new job easy enough but i can truly say that even tho the Mob satisfaction wears off there is never a civvy job that compares to the satisfaction that the mob jobs give you deep down. I'd give anything to be back with my pongos, regret every day since i was fubar'd
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