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  1. Noise

    Project Jennifer

    Your off the Christmas card list! Stand in the corner and have a word with yourself haha.
  2. Get a small k&n panel filter and build the box around that with a tube with a rubber mount to fix it to the carb, you can then weld a hinged lid on the top with a clasp so that you can replace the filter.
  3. Noise

    Project Jennifer

    O too right drew im keeping her as 70's as i can, dunno if I'll go complete acid trip on the paint job tho?
  4. Can you take a pic of the carbs on the engine for me so i can see how they are.
  5. I had that tank on my 650 draggy, stick some ram cone filters on the carbs they will fit under the tank nicely.
  6. Noise

    Project Jennifer

    Well that escalated quickly! Jennifer is being delivered tonight!!!
  7. Well, as one door closes another will open. As we all know now Betty has rode off into the distance with a new owner with her beautiful rumble still ringing in my ears, as this sad occasion passes by the void she has left has now been filled with Jennifer. Jennifer will be arriving at the house on Thursday where i can study her curves and lines and finally get to see what needs to be done to create a totally beautiful mechanical masterpiece. So what is Jennifer? what does she look like? is she a Yamaha? Well Jennifer is a 1972 Honda CB750 Chopper She's a bit of a dog at the moment and is yet to be UK registered due to being imported from the US but i can not wait to get stuck into her. http://www.bike4sale.co/detail/FeeVPmmPooAFFoocVFL/Honda-CB750-72-Soft-Tail-Old-School-Chopper-Springer-front Going to give myself a year to get her up to snuff but im not rushing this one, she is coming out perfect! She's going to be gloss black with gold / Chrome with red and gold leaf scallops on the tank (if i can find someone to do gold leaf) I just love the twisted steel and plunger frame! totally stoked at getting stuck into her
  8. Noise

    Betty is gone

    Well he did say that he's changing the bars and paint but hey ho he wants to put his own touch on her which is cool. He used to ride GSXR 750 and said that betty scared him more than that did haha.
  9. Noise

    Betty is gone

    Well tommy i have the Xj on the road now so i can play on that, plus i most likely will be getting a little Kwak er5 on Wednesday not to mention the new project which is going to take a good year to get sorted. So all is not totally lost.
  10. Noise

    Betty is gone

    Well folks that day finally came and betty has been sold. Had a final ride with her this morning for a few hours and i know she is just a bike but my god was it emotional! The guy who now owns her even said that he felt sorry for me as he could see how much i loved her. Hey ho, deposit is paid on the new bike which will be here on friday or Thursday so watch out for the new project thread coming up......its gunna be good!!!!!
  11. Noise

    Solar Eclipse

    Love you really Kev.
  12. Yer it was mate, wasn't the camera but the actual mounting as cap said. Such a lot of force being put on a small area.
  13. Yer thats cool buddy totally up to you thats the joys of a forum and giving advice haha
  14. Cracking video buddy and its great to hear the happiness in your voice! Can i add my pennies worth in tho too, i would recommend mounting that Go Pro onto your handlebars rather than your skid lid. Reason i say this is that on Saturday when i was at my training school my boss told me of one of our old students binned his bike at low speeds (less than 30MPH) and he had severe head injury due to his helmet mounted Go Pro. Skid lids are designed to spread the load of an impact over a wider area and these helmet mounted Go Pros are now adding a very small center of pressure in one spot creating a weak spot. think of pushing the palm of your hand into sand (don't go in that far / hard to do) but then you push one finger into the same spot of sand and it will dig in very easy. Just something i / we found out the other day and thought id share with you all. Stay safe buddy and enjoy the miles per smiles
  15. Noise

    I'm an idiot!

    Invest in some jump cables buddy so if something like this happens again or the cold drains you battery then you can use the YBR or a car to jump her back to life till you buy a optimate or a new battery
  16. Hi Buddy, Not sure on the size of the tyre you can get on the front but the best folk to ask is a good motorbike tyre shop they will advise and help you with this question. best advise i can give is to pre-plan every thing, don't rush it even if you can see the end result in sight. Also a bobber is all about "less is more" if its not needed then get shot of it, but mudguards are brilliant! if like me you remove the front mudguard then riding in any sort of wet moist conditions then your going to get water up the nose! Looking forward to some pics.
  17. Noise

    Solar Eclipse

    Solar eclipse? i hear it was Kev going up in a hot air balloon??
  18. Well OT thats a bit of a shitter, hopefully you are getting the support you need else where other than on here? i have a chap here at work with terminal prostate cancer and we all have seen him through out the journey and he is still all up beat and having a laugh so please don't let this drag you down. As you already know we are all hear for you but as the old saying goes live for today, fuck tomorrow! love to you and your family
  19. Good luck fella, stay clam and keep your head up and your do fine! PS................DON'T LOOK AT THE CONES!!!!
  20. Id go for a good set of 2 piece leathers buddy, i got a pair of leather trousers for doing my CBT training off eBay for £100, should have been £250 but they where from a shop that had them as "try these on for fit" use so where classed as shop soiled (eww!! ) As Drewpy said, as long as the jacket can zip to the trousers then they are fine for track use, and make sure you buy a few sizes too big so that you can get extra warm layers on under them they get fecking cold very quick in the fresh morning air. (which im pretty sure you already know)
  21. Remember the bigger they are the harder they fall!
  22. Well just a little up date on the progress of the course, im now onto element E of the CBT which is the road ride. I took my mate out last night to start using the push to talk system and giving him directions and telling him what he show be doing at junctions etc, it went as well as the Hindenburg! first round about i forgot to tell him to roll the throttle off this then snowballed into the next drama which in turn made my timings for the next few maneuvers completely out of sync. But i stayed calm, never once lost my cool and slowly dragged him back under control, it was far from perfect but for my first time trying to control a newbie on the road it was OK (3/10) I was able to give him good directions in a timely manner on where he was going, but i failed badly on the basic things of as he was coming to the junctions to do OSMPSL or OSOMPSL Off out again Friday afternoon so lets see if i can improve.
  23. Wise Italian Grandfather An old Italian man in Brooklyn is dying. He calls his grandson to his bedside, "Guido, I wan' you lissina me. I wan' you to take-a my chrome plated ...38 revolver so you will always remember me." "But grandpa, I really don't like guns.. How about you leave me your Rolex watch instead?" "You lissina me, boy! Somma day you gonna be runna da business, you gonna have a beautiful wife, lotsa money, a big-a home and maybe a couple of bambinos. " "Somma day you gonna come-a home and maybe finda you wife inna bed with another man. "Whatta you gonna do then? Pointa to you watch and say, 'Times up!' "? ________________________________________________________________________________________________ A farmer named Paddy had a car accident. He was hit by a truck owned by the Eversweet Company. In court, the Eversweet Company's hot-shot solicitor was questioning Paddy. 'Didn't you say to the police at the scene of the accident, 'I'm fine?' asked the solicitor. Paddy responded: 'Well, I'll tell you what happened. I'd just loaded my fav'rit cow, Bessie, into da... ' 'I didn't ask for any details', the solicitor interrupted. 'Just answer the question. Did you not say, at the scene of the accident, 'I'm fine!'?' Paddy said, 'Well, I'd just got Bessie into da trailer and I was drivin' down da road.... ' The solicitor interrupted again and said, 'Your Honour, I am trying to establish the fact that, at the scene of the accident, this man told the police on the scene that he was fine. Now several weeks after the accident, he is trying to sue my client. I believe he is a fraud. Please tell him to simply answer the question. ' By this time, the Judge was fairly interested in Paddy's answer and said to the solicitor: 'I'd like to hear what he has to say about his favourite cow, Bessie'. Paddy thanked the Judge and proceeded. 'Well as I was saying, I had just loaded Bessie, my fav'rit cow, into de trailer and was drivin' her down de road when this huge Eversweet truck and trailer came tundering tru a stop sign and hit me trailer right in da side. I was trown into one ditch and Bessie was trown into da udder. By Jaysus I was hurt, very bad like, and didn't want to move. However, I could hear old Bessie moanin' and groanin'. I knew she was in terrible pain just by her groans. Shortly after da accident, a policeman on a motorbike turned up. He could hear Bessie moanin' and groanin' too, so he went over to her. After he looked at her, and saw her condition, he took out his gun and shot her between the eyes. Den da policeman came across de road, gun still in hand, looked at me, and said, 'How are you feelin'?' 'Now, wot da fock would you say?'
  24. As said above, Also best to remove your email address too, never know who is looking on this forum
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