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  1. Thanks for the welcome, The XVS 650 wasn't my 1st choice but after riding my bike i sort of fell in love with the Jap V twins, i was tempted by a Harley Sporster but they are the price of a small house these days then i looked at a Suzuki SV 650s but i would have ended up in a box and as soon as i have only just become a dad i thought thats not the route to go down so the dragstar is the way to go and i will start brakeing her down and turning her into a bobber this winter, but for the time being it will just be a big clean up job to keep her going through this year.
  2. Hello there! My name is Keith ive been looking at this club for some time now but only just joined now (as you can see ) At the moment i own a XVS 125 Dragstar which ive owned since Oct last year, i have slightly changed the way she looks a tiny bit as (i hope) you can see. She is going next week to a new home as i have Part Ex'd her in for a XVS 650 custom which i pick up on the 10th June and i cant wait! the new one is in a bit of a state and needs some TLC but i have some big changes planned for it this coming winter! Any who here are the pics of my 125 (i hope its worked lol) BEFORE AFTER (BUT ARE OLD PICS SHE IS FINISHED NOW)
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