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  1. Looking really good mate! far better than it was, i would def get some stainless steel bolts in there tho with some copper slip grease to stop future snaping of bolts, you may have to drill that bolt out and re-tap the thread if you still cant get it out.
  2. A chap i work with has a 400 dragstar......the only thing is.........its says "virago" on the tank lol showed me the V5 and its says its a 400 dragstar confuzled. I had a look at performance figures with the 125 and 250, same top speed pretty much, but the differnce is that the 250 can sustain that speed longer than the 125. i would say not to muck about just go 650! the only advantage with the 250 is that you pay less tax than a 650. But where's the fun in that lol
  3. Hi mate, yes sounds like your mirror is loose, just under the mirror there should be a nut, possition your mirror to where you want it then tighten the nut up, = job... jobbed
  4. Noise

    My Bobber project

    A quick for sale guys............my Billit Ally grips with built it indecators are now for sale (the ones you see in the above picture) only been on the bike for less than 100 miles! changing them due to the fact i am a bloke and i can change my mind at a drop of a hat plus they dont look right with the style im going for.Very easy to fit! pull old grips off, Take off front and rear indecators, fit 2.2ohm resistors in where the rear indercators wired up via male bullet connectors, extend front indecator wire through handle bars connect to grips via two more male bullet connectors, connect up throttle. left hand grip 10x easier to fit!...........Job Jobbed! £30 with FREE P&P If you would like to know what im like with postage please talk to Nickybewild on here as i sold a lot of my old stuff to him. Best regards Keith
  5. Noise

    My Bobber project

    Hi Guys, Right i fitted the rear light then checked it out on the bike, looks good but now im gunne weld the fender back up so the light is flat against the fender as once i made the wedge up the fender is gunna look too bulky so all i will do now is make up a number plate braket out of ally so that its not facing the sky and "PC i have nothing to do plod" has no excuse to pull me over for my number plate. Pics of how the light will look I finally got rounf to grinding back the fender so it has a nice curve instead of the jaggy lines. Before AFTER My seat has left Chicargo so im hoping to get that some time this month but all depends how our customs react with it! i have gone with the normal bobber seat springs as i couldn't for the life of me find a small enough tractor seat leaf spring! but i will keep looking in the mean time, and if i do find one then these ones i have now will be for sale! Well thats it for now folks its all a waiting game till the seat gets here as i cant do any thing till it gets here So if customs are reading this............HURRY THE F**k UP!
  6. well done mate good on ya! Great bike too! Hope you have many long a safe years of riding! Keith
  7. Noise

    Bobber project

    Hi mate and welcome I too had a 125 dragstar bobber but now have upgraded to a 650 dragstar, sadly most stuff you cant get so you will have to hand build a lot of it your self! As for drag bars I fitted a set of 7/8 bars from a Norton all you will have to get is a set of new risers to clear the tank. Again you will need to get a new seat ad you will be sat up too high for your new bwrs but you can get all sorts on Ebay, just type in bobber seats and there your have it. As for the rest of the bike I would say start by thinking what the end result you want to look like ad ALL bobbers look different so think about whwt style you want EG old school or new school, rat bike or a clean bike? SO many things you can do. All the best mate Keith
  8. Noise

    My Bobber project

    Hi Guys, well here is a very quick update on whats happened this week, rear light was ordered Tuesday after 2 weeks of thinking what i liked how they would look and price etc etc and it was delivered yesterday morning. So being as i turn into a kid every time a parcel is delivered i had to start mocking it up onto the fender so here are a few snaps of it after 2.5hours with the dremal and about 20-30 dremal cutting discs lol I will pop it on the bike on the week end and take more pics as i still need to do bit more cutting then need to sort out the angle it need to be at etc. i finaly found my seat after a good long hunt. not arrived yet as its coming all the way from the USA! its a black leather hand tooled solo seat with the malteze cross and a few skulls in it so should go nicely with the old bad ass bobber theame. There are two was in which im mounting the seat tho, with the rear fender im not having any "stays" holding it up (poles going down to the rear wheel spindle nut) im doing it so that it apears to be floating above the wheel, so the same will go with the seat so im either having a tractor seat leaf spring so there will be no springs on show OR i will mount a 4" mini mono shock under the seat but up near the tank end so the rear of the seat will look as tho its hovering. But we will see. More pics to follo next week. Stay tuned
  9. Its people like him who should be band from breading!
  10. Have you not got a shop that just sells nuts and bolts? we have a shop down here called wentin fastners that just sell nuts a bolts, if you take out the bolts you have on the bike and take them into the shop just ask them for longer ones. I need to get some soon for mine as changing the bolts on my bike to stainless steel so i could pick up some for you and send them up?
  11. Noise

    My Bobber project

    Right here goes with some more pics, Here are the new exhausts with the wrap, most likely will be geting them powder coated black and then re-wrap them but will only be half of what ive wraped now, Ive changed the bulls eye bar end indecators with some billet ally grips with built in flashers (bit cold in the winter i think lol) Will be getting some new mirrors soon. Now here is my rear fender, i sill got a ton of work to do to it but its getting there! Cut out for the swing arm 2hours of tape messring and tape And then after cutting, Still need to grind it to make it neat etc but the shape is there. Here it is on the bike. Its gunna be painted black so it blends in with the tyre so it will seem as tho there is no fender, and i will add some white pin striping patterns to it. Next on the shopping list is rear light, and a bobber seat. O and the springer forks lol
  12. Noise

    My Bobber project

    I do agree less is more and thats what im going for, its staying mostly white but im adding bits of black and a secret othet colour lol Will get some pics up soon.
  13. Noise

    My Bobber project

    Hi guys well some more parts arrived last week i was trying to up load some pictures but photobucket is being a twat so i will have to do them when i get home from work. The springer front end is on going i have found a company thet do them but still gotta find time at work to phone them and talk to a guy who will tell me if it will fit the dragstar. Those bar end indicators where shit! so they are off and a set of billet ally grips with built in indicators are on. The high way hawk exhaust you see in the pics above are off and a set of long shot Raasks are now on with white (now straw colour) ehaust wrap is now on, the pipes will be powder coated black and then re-wrapped as im not 100% happy with the look yet but least its stopping my jeans catching fire when im fueling in a petrol station! (and yes this very nearly happened wasn't till i sore the black smoke i realised i was going up lol...desaster avoided tho) A raw steel stealth fender was next to be delivered but had rusty finger prints all over it so i had to get some anti-rust primer on it after attacking it with some 250 grit. Next is to sort out a rear light (not sure what to do yet) sort out this springer fork set up, test fit rear fender and then just wait till winter to get every thing stripped, prep'd, painted and re-built. Pictures to follow
  14. If your bike runs like your avatar dose then your going no where fast lol been watching it and thats one un healthy engine (watch where the piston is when the fuel and spark comes in. some times its on the money other times its on half a stroke then its at the bottom) lol
  15. Na f**k the brakes all together!.... more throttle is what i say!
  16. Car brake peddle operates all 4 brake discs no matter what......so the same applies to a bike its just that you have to be less lazy and move two parts of your body to do it. (unless you own an Exile chopper then you have a fancey twist clutch and the foot brake is both front a rear lol)
  17. Must be a new one that you bought then if it actually stops lol i took my step dads up the road and i had to plan a week in advance with the brakes. Dont get me wrong i would have a Harley tomorrow if i had the money! that new street bob is pure willy snot and dont get me going on the shovel head! i know i would spend more time fixing the dam thing but what a bike!
  18. Pretty sure they came with a battery cover, my step dads 1988 883 has one (was chrome but now been powder coated black) should get one on flea bay if you wanna hide it. And as for the comment on the comparisson with the XVS i do agree! harley's are totally different one major difference is that they have mud for brakes and the Yamaha's come with brakes standard Im sure your be fine tho lol
  19. That is a nice looking sporty! gotta ask tho....is it the whole hog? (1200?) or the baby of the range? step dad has just finished restoring his 1988 883 sporty with the early Evo motor in it (which i will inherit when that time comes) Just noticed.....are you missing the battery cover!?? lol Get a single seat for the bugger soon, it helps complement the lines of the bike. Congrats on the new purchase tho! well done.
  20. Hey mate, 1st welcome to the club 2ndgood luck with the test. As for your restrictor kit EVERYONE takes them out once fitted and just keep the cert to prove to the old bill if they get pulled "BUT" if you rode your bike like a complete twot then the blod are gunna see its nt restricted and there for bugger you in the chocolate star fish! but if you rode it "as if it wher restricted" then your be fine Its catch 22.....anal rape'd if you dont....anal rape'd if you do. How old are you? im 23 and done my direct access so i dont have a restrictor kit (dont need one) so my advice if your the same age is to do that. Job Jobbed
  21. hey guys, Right im not sure if you lads will be able to help but there again i think a few of you will as you are smarter than i ever will be lol. Basically i am after a set of springer forks for my XVS 650 bobber project as all i have left to get now is a raw steel rear fender and a bobber seat then i can crack on and strip her down ready for powder coating and the big over haul this winter. But i need to know: Where to get a springer front end from? Which is the best make? Best price range? Things to look out for? I know i need to make sure that the bearing measurments are the same and the same with the spindle will also need to make sure that the rake isn't too stupid....but is there any thing else im missing? Thanks for any advice guys and i hope this happends as i haven't seen many XVS's with a springer and i love having "one off" things All the Best Keith
  22. Noise

    Wild Hogs!

    Well what can i say lol if he had actually leaned the bike into the corner im sure he would have been fine! but to be truthful did you see that bottle in the middle of the road!? ...o no wait....that was his that he lost lol
  23. Hey Mate, do you have a cordless drill? if so take off the battery, take off your horn and connect the possitive and negitive terminals up to the battery with two bits of wire it should then sound the horn if not.........either charge your battery and re-try lol or you need a new horn Et vala http://www.custom-fasteners.co.uk/acatalog/Horns.html
  24. Noise

    My Bobber project

    Yer there i s a wee bit to do but as long as i can get it into my conservatory next to the radiator at least i will be warm when doing it lol why not intergrate the parts into a bobber/chopper? there are loads of style out there you could do that still enables you to have pillions and that, just need to do some resurch (sorry bout the spelling dislexia kicking in) If you wanna up loads the pics your more than welcome when the weather gets better i will uncover her and take some more as i put on my new exhausts and that.
  25. Hi Guys, well after some nagging and also out of sheer bordom at work i thought i'd start a thread of my new projectits gunna take a while to finish as most of the big stuff will happen over the winter period when she is off the road. Well it all started last year when i past my CBT and bought my self a XVS 125 Dragstar from Fowlers in bristol but due to me wanting something different i then set about turning that into a bobber and hand building pretty much every thing on it from the handle bar risers (my mate built them) all the way to me doing the seat click link to see it now for sale http://www.vandjsuperbikes.co.uk/new_bike_detail.php?bike_id=565&type=used&cat_id=142 So after this i rode about a little (as you do) and then the inevitable happens......i got bored and wanted faster and more torque so thats when i got my direct access done and passed with no faults at all on both Mod 1 and 2 so i was more than happy with that result and then it was stright down to the garage to buy the XVS650! SE WAS (AND STILL IS SLIGHTLY) in a bad way due to the previous owner miss treating her and not washing it or any thing again click the link to see the state of her http://www.vandjsuperbikes.co.uk/new_bike_detail.php?bike_id=508&type=used&cat_id=142 Well the first thing on the jobs to do was taking all that crap off of it and make her lighter and look a little more like a bike and less like a two wheeled house! spot lights met a 2.5lb hammer as they where no use to man nor beast but the sissy bar, engine crash bar, panya rests and the floor boards have now found a new owner who is Nickybwild on here. (pleasure doing business with you mate) i then gave her a much needed wash and polish which took me 2.5 hours just to do the polishing! the paint just kept soaking up the polish it a flash! So that was the 1st few days of owner ship with her and it was fantastic, actually being able to go to work up hills and not loose power! still getting used to the weight of her and leaning it into the corners more now thinking i will need new keals on my boots soon as i keep draging them on the tarmac as i go round sertain bends lol. last weekend i had my new set of handle bars delivered which i got off Amazon for £70 and they are 39" wide glide flier bars in matt black and are fantastic, also managed to get my bar end indectors on but just need to get some 1.2 ohm resistor put into the lines as they are blinking a bit faster than they should. O i will add now that i will up load some pics some time this week as i need to find the lead to conect my phone to my laptop. So the jobs to be done in the very near future are: Powder coat the frame (x-mas time) New bobber rear fender New exhausts (delivered today) White exhaust wrap (doing this week end) Hypercharger or cone air filter (not sure yet) Engine tart up re-paint the tins ice white and gloss black with a pin strip pattern New seat HEL braided brake line Things i want to get if money allows me: Springer front end Fat rear wheel kit including swing arm etc (BIG MAYBE) These last two things are "long term goals" so could happen next year or the year after, and if i do get a springer front end then i will be running her on a day time MOT so i can get rid of the front light so you can see her in all her glory! well i have yipped on long enough so gunna shut up now, i will up load pics as and when i can as i have a 2 month old babe as she takes up a fair bit of my time as you would expect. All the best Keith
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