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  1. they are getting tougher with the rules now.
  2. ive been here 11yrs, and i still cant believe how clean the country is, unlike uk where there is shit everywhere, grafiti,etc.....
  3. i know me too but unfortunatley i work for naafi lol
  4. EmmaXV


    Oh my god, you are so funny! lol
  5. EmmaXV


    Thank you very much, and i hope you have a decent step ladder regarding the camel affair, yer gonna need it!
  6. yep im afraid im married to a squaddie!
  7. Guten tag mein Heren! alles gute! he he
  8. EmmaXV


    lol, im not trying to kill anyone! how old are we talking about here? have i joined the wrong club?
  9. Hamburg Lubbeck? i totally miss currywursts, i am unfortunatley allergig to gluten now and cant have them
  10. EmmaXV


    thank you so much xx
  11. oh there sure is, and the autobahn is great for riding, no speed limit on some parts!
  12. Thank you very much Fuff
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