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    old fords rs turbos cossies, and my Aerox, and i get high, to balance out the lows...
  1. Forgot to say its for an Aerox..
  2. Hey all, im buying a set of downhill handlebars and a stem off adrenaline-pedstop tomorrow, jus wanted to know if i buy them both, can i just fit the old fitments eg-throttle and brake set up back on the new bars as normal ? Appreciated much
  3. actually, fuck knows where you got 'idiot' from .. my ad hasnt got any spelling mistakes and is written properly.. u should lay off the crack if you think my ad is idiotic... iv written everything needed and described stuff to the best of my ability. given my number and shit so in my eyes, its just another well wrote up ad for an aerox which needs a little tlc... and u wonder why my attitude is bad... COZ SOME LITTLE PUNK HAS STABBED THE FUCK OUT OF MY RADIATOR! So that would be another 70 quid id need to find..which im NOT doing. im SKINT hence why im letting it go for HALF the price I PAID FOR IT when it didnt even run and had NO plastics!
  4. not at all mate, i was just in a very bad mood at the time, as someone has stabbed the shit out of my radiator...and i dont take kindly to things like that.... im not a bad person AT ALL.. im the nicest guy you could meet,but love how iv already been stereotyped as an idiot... im not some chavvy illiterate scum , im just matt, trying to sell my aerox as iv had enough of it..and cant post things for sale so thought id help here... have a look at my pistonheads ad, that doesnt make me sound like a dick in ANY way at all,, im polite and truthful 100%. if anyone wants to buy it youll be doing me a huge favour... sorry if iv come across as a prick but i was agitated and had a lot on my plate recently...
  5. REDUCED coz iv just broken the seat and sum little prick has decided to stab my radiator..... so angry right now... thanks for not deleting this lol scooter shack did coz its gay..... new price £250 ! i want it gone by the end of the week... brand new bits on it,, just want it gone... £250.. no offers...
  6. http://pistonheads.com/sales/3048375.htm Buy me..... think its stupid you have to have a certain amouhnt of posts to sell things.... so here it is just have a look regardless of if its in the wrong section.... if you want it, give me a text/call/pm and ill get back to ya, it works just needs MINOR tlc.. runs , rides, and stops... hertfordshire...holla
  7. seriously, no1? ther must be someone who got an aerox engine pic ... or u all just lazy and cba to help ?
  8. has anyone got an pics of their yamaha aerox 50cc engine? need either a diagram or an actual pic from the water pump side, i need to work out where my hoses go to the carb and etc..... can some one help me please? im not asking for much...
  9. haha ! im only spraying it as its cheaper than new panels, and the current ones have marks and diff colours on them . red glitter flake on gloss black paint will look mad i hope would u say it would be better to glitter it when the paint is still a bit sticky so it sticks,, or will the 4 or 5 layers of laquer hold it in place nicely ?
  10. il be puttin some pics up in the next couple of days, gonna get the paint tomorrow and have a go on 1 panel jus to see if the glitter effect makes me smile .. if not..il just go without glitter lol...
  11. aeroxmatt


    http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=1767116075 facebook is jokes
  12. this has helped me actually, answered one of my questions thanks pal
  13. haha yeah pretty much iv sprayed hundreds of pushbikes and a couple of car bonnets so i thought the whole bike would look nice in the glitter effect.. i never do a shite job tho always looks potent to me lol... my friends are telling me to lose the glitter too haha! but its different and u dont see aerox's with glitter paint lol not very often anyways..
  14. cheers kishan, but if i put the flakes on first and sprayed the black over them, wouldnt the flakes turn black bacause of the paint ?
  15. Im wondering on how to go about using glitter and spray paint cans for my aerox panels. i have red glitter flakes that look the nuts, and the panels will be black so it would be red glitter on black.. but my question is.... Does anyone know what the best way to go about this is?? or has anyone tried it before with good or pony results ? like black on first, then glitter on so it sticks to the sticky paint then layers of laquer? im not sure on this... i need to paint it on the cheapish side of things hence spray cans,so i can then sell it to fund something else with a turbo as im quite broke at the mo :\ but any help or advice will be brilliant thanks.
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