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    CBR 125 R, YZF R6.

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    Riding, Bikes, Cooking (I`m a Chef) Country side, especially in and around Yorkshire. The Missis, Me Dogs "Spot" & "Meg" (Jacks) Fishing (When I get time)
  1. Passed his Module 2 bike test today..........ready to hit the road now YAY!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Ladies & Gents, I have just started riding again after about 15 years. I was riding 125`s and yesterday I passed my Mod 2 bike test. As well as my Honda CBR 125 R, I have a YZF R6 that`s been waiting patiently in my garage. Now that I have passed I cant wait to get out & about on it, but I'm having a bit of bother with the alarm system, so I hoping that I may get some help, as well as making new friend and some good o`l banter. Ride Safe Be Safe Kind Regards Ed Maguire
  3. Passed his Module 1 bike test today.........Mod 2 next, then it`s ......Get ya motor runnin.........head on down the highway............looooooooooking for adventurrrrrre.........Yeah baby Muuuuhhhhaaahha!

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