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  1. Hi Goff nice bike 'n' tats i was goin to make a comment to above, but....... I'll just get me coat! TDMalcolm
  2. Welcome and good luck with the test TDMalcolm
  3. Greetings Erik, i like the wheels...enjoy TDMalcolm
  4. Hello and Welcome exupmal TDMalcolm
  5. Welcome Keith, nice to see one or two 250lc's about instead of the usual 350's.....but i love them 2 TDMalcolm
  6. Arta nooon! and welcome TDMalcolm
  7. Hi Ian, welcome to the mad house as for your question, I would think that the 33bhp is a 250cc and the 10bhp would be a 125cc learner ....i stand (or sit) corrected any ways, WELCOME TDMalcolm
  8. Welcome Tim, good bunch on here TDMalcolm
  9. Welcome Paul, nice job first of many? TDMalcolm
  10. Hi Candymut, welcome to the nuthouse TDMalcolm
  11. hi and welcome, as cynic said if you have the tools and a manual with a bit of confidence you can do it, it's a two stroke engine and one of the simplest designs, I wouldn't go near Evel bay for something like this, if in Dowt try to get to know the local bike mechanics for help!
  12. Hi guy's, thank for the nice welcome, yes I'm an old call G8 and I do have a M3 call but have let it lapse when I got full rights to all the bands, my favourite is 20 mtres and 70cm bin quite active in the past help set up and built the logic for GB 3AH and various other things, yip walked up that bit of Mam tore (thought that's a good place to take the Quad) ;-))... Done 66mls on the new bike ..laid up in bed at the mo, bad heads and congestion, worst for hay fever for years, see you all later in the Bar TDMalcolm
  13. Hi Shytot, welcome! The TDM's are brill bike I had a 2005 one for 4yrs magic, very under rated bike my other half (female ;-) and I Loved it they can have probes like all machines, check out "Carpe tdm" web site, mine of info on these beasts, changed as it got a bit heavy for my old bones to move around TDMalcolm
  14. Hi leather at, qrz this is G8uuv calling ;-)) and yes tank girl ....hummmm lovely, don't get on air a lot but I'm trying to sort out some on air time asap... TDMalcolm
  15. Hi ronny, I work with a north eastern lad, top man, enjoy the forum and good luck with the test's TDMalcolm
  16. Hi guy's and thanks for the welcome, it,s funny! You know what I mean when things are ment to be?having a dig about in the garage the other day and found the nearly new xj6rack of the first one that should have gone on Evelyn bay....never got round to it bazar!! As a by the by, the other half and I were in the peeks on sunvday..in the car though walked around mamtor lovely never tire of it, see you later TDMalcolm
  17. Nice to see a lady in the saddle for a change, good on'yer TDMalcolm Ohh Ps Good luck with the test
  18. Hi Guy's...and Gals! new to this forum, should collect a new (2k9 model-good deal) XJ6 diversion from my local dealer on the 7th may, cant wait not new to the divvy as i had one for about 9 months a year or so ago...acted like a nerd and changed it for a XTZ660, several problems later and i'm comin back to the fold we all learn by our mistakes, well some do good to be here... TDMalcolm
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