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  1. R1Mad

    Moscow ride on a R1

    I wonder if he is still alive. That’s just suicidal.
  2. I've seen them done and in my opinion it looks crap, the back end wasn’t designed to take a pipe, it just looks odd and out of place, but that's just me, http://www.wolfexhaust.com/00-01_r1_underseat_exhaust.htm
  3. I usually go for EBC HH, then again last time I went for Goldfren Ceramic Carbon and they feel pretty good.
  4. I've had a quick look around and they seem to be going for good money, depending on the overall condition, extras and service history of your bike you should be able to get around £2500, i'll be seling my as well soon, down side to my is 31k miles on the clock. Good luck with the sell.
  5. That’s really nice, but good luck keeping it clean.
  6. R1Mad

    Torque settings

    Here you go. 110 Nm (11.0 m·kg, 80 ft·lb)
  7. R1Mad

    Lost numberplate

    Happened to me on the car few years back, got pulled on the way home, the cop was cool, I’ve explained the plate was on the car in the morning on the way to work, and it couldn't have been stolen as the car is in a very secure car park during work, he was cool and after checking me and the car on the system he let me go on my way, I got the plate the same day to avoid any problems. I'm not sure if you can get points for it, I think they could give you a £30 to pay and gave you a producer, which means you would have to MOT the bike and then take the paper work to your local police station to show you've done it.
  8. R1Mad

    My 5jj Yamaha R1

    Thanks mate, a steering damper is a must on these, it will transform the way the bike handles, I’ve been using Michelin 2ct on my since they came out and I’m very happy with them.
  9. R1Mad

    My 5jj Yamaha R1

    Nice, i've got just over 30k miles on my, and still running very well, gold would look good on it
  10. R1Mad

    My 5jj Yamaha R1

    Nice and clean looking, not too sure about the rim tape tho. How many miles on the clock?
  11. Most common fault in this case is the rear brake switch, you'll find it on the right foot peg, you can go and buy a new one, (not expensive) or you can take it off, take it apart, clean it inside, and put it back together, making sure there is a good clean contact patch inside, I do that to my at least once a year, for some reason they are crap, I gave up buying them few years ago, as they keep dieing, it's a quick and easy job, so give it a go. Hope it helps.
  12. Fake!! this vid has been around for years now.
  13. Haven't hear of many of those going bad on the R6, i know the earlier R1 had a bit of an issue, i had to replace my and it was a pain in the back to swap out.
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