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  1. Not really bothered about spending the cash just want to know the best way to go about this without having to chase around different avenues before i finally get the info i need to register the bike. Not as easy as i first thought....
  2. Thanks i checked out Yodi but he charges £23 for a frame check and i can get a certificate of age from the RD club for £25. Would the age certificate be the best way to go ? Will this also tell me if it hasnt been registered in this country before ? If the bike has been in this country for 20 years + will i still have to pay import tax on it even though i was not the person to import it ? Mike
  3. Thanks for the link i will certainly get in touch with him. Mike
  4. Thanks i had a look at their site and they do a service for proof of age, but would my letter from Yamaha not be adequate for this ? Is the manufacturer not in a better position to advise the age of a bike ? Thanks Mike
  5. Hi New to the forum and i have a problem. Just bought a 1977/78 Yamaha DT 125 E twin shock (the bike of my dreams) and it has an uncertain past and came with no registration number or log book. It was bought by me from by a local guy would bought it a few years back from the family of the owner who had passed away. The bike had lay in his garage for 20 years probably never being ridden and the family knew very little about the bike. After the owners death the family attempted to gain a registration document from DVLA, but DVLA sent back the V62 form saying they required the registration number in order to process the form? I phoned DVLA yesterday and they told me to fill in a V62 form and send it in to get the registration number for the bike, i didnt realise at the time that it was the same form as the previous owner had sent in. So i am reconing that wont work if i sent it in again. There is a slight chance that the bike was imported from canada at some point in its life but this is uncertain. So what i would like to do is get an age related plate for it, I have a letter from yamaha confirming the VIN number is that of a DT 125 E manufactured in january 1978 but they dont have records that can tell if it was registered. Is there an easy way i can get a registration number and log book for this bike ? do i have enough information to go to DVLA for an age related plate ? Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks Mike
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