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  1. tossed up photos from the 2011 spring motorcycle show (Ontario, Canada)

  2. Hey Gals and Pals, i have finally tossed up some photos from the show.. here they are https://picasaweb.google.com/114270060027260905380/2011SpringMotorcycleShow?authkey=Gv1sRgCKzR5orQzvDMtgE&feat=directlink
  3. Thanks Rutele those are my thoughts exactly.. everytime i go to get on my buddy's bike (mine still isn't running right) I have a head full of horror stories.
  4. wow, i've been talking with random people and there are a few that didn't have anything happen to them in some 10-20 years of riding so it can happen. I was thinking there has to be some that didn't, if everyone got hurt then the insurance would be stellar. only 3 more days till the bike show.. exciting
  5. found myself a cheap compressor, free... now im back on track

  6. Wow that sucks Kirrie, glad you didn't have an incident for such a long time. I was talking with a another fella at work today and he pretty much had the same thing to say.. so he switched to riding motorcross only. I think im going to get the loudest pipes put on my bike so everyone knows im coming down the road. lol
  7. Hi folks, it amazes me how difficult it is some days to get past the stigma of a bad day for new riders. Today I got to listen to half a dozen stories of people getting injuried on a bike and that i should be wary or better yet not even try it. Ha, whats the point of living if your not going to chase your dreams and try to live to the fullest. my grandpa "borrowed" his first bike from a german officer during the war, road that thing till the end some 40ty years and im sure that there are many here that have gone years without incident and would never trade it up there time on the road to be closed in a moving box. i'd love to hear a few great bedtime stories regards, AlekCanuk
  8. Thank you very much i was about to take a torque wrench to my computer and see if that fixes the problem.. lol j/k
  9. Took apart carbs all jets are clogged, suprise suprise.. time to let them soak and blow them out in a few days

  10. Forsure i will! how come i got replies to my post but i had no notification? can someone shed a little light on that for me please
  11. Hello everyone, Just a heads up if your in the area. The 2011 Spring Motorcycle Show is almost here, April 9th & 10th. This event is as always held at the International Center, 6900 Airport rd, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (for those flying in, the show is 2 blocks north of the airport). Tons of custom bikes, babes and helms. $16.00 at the door. regards, AlekCanuk i'll be sure to share a few photos of some interesting rides for those across the pond
  12. Pulled out carb bank, noticed that one bolt is broke on the block

  13. Doctor Nick was that discount doctor of The Simpsons.. i happen to be watching that when i was doing my intro. Thanks for the all welcomes
  14. hello, i still have this bike. it's doesn't run at the moment and your right i don't see any on the road but that only makes mine more unique. There is a bike wreckers in Toronto only an hour away for me they have a few 82 xj750 for parts. nice to see others still rocking this bike. regards, AlekCanuk
  15. Hello everyone, I am really impressed to see how amazingly functional this website is. it's pretty neat. Im from Ontario around lake Simcoe and i am the proud owner a 82 xj750 (pretty red on white one). the bike has been sitting for 12 years now and i decided that this is the time to get it running and myself on it. I signed up for a motorcycle training course at Centennial College in June. (which probably doesn't mean much to most of my new american buddies) but here we have a graduated licensing system and you get a M2 license at the end of the 3 day course. That would allow me to ride without drinking.. not sure what license allows too but never mind that. I am a 3 year Truck and Coach apprentice, so i could solve most of the wiring issues that this bike has and maybe share some of the limited knowledge with the rest of you. Its also exciting to see how many knowledgeable folk on this site so im sure i could pick something up as well. see ya a-boot cheers, AlekCanuk
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