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    1982 Yamaha DT 125 LC

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  1. :'( My bike needs a new clutch, piston rings, all the gaskets and big and small bearings!!!

  2. Al Roby

    green lanes

    Thanks mate, the TRF thing helped out perfectly
  3. Al Roby

    green lanes

    Does anyone know of a good web site or something that tells you where all the green lanes are??
  4. HA HA HA HA HA, I mean greetings Al Roby
  5. Cool, thanks for the help
  6. Hey, I bought a yamaha DT 125 LC (1982) about 3 months ago and im having a play around with it as my 1st little project. So i might be asking for some advice at some point along the way.
  7. no, its a dt 125 lc. ive keep looking on ebay but its hard finding anything for this bike! Ok, i'll go and try doing that noobie thing, thank you
  8. Does anyone know or have a Exhaust system for a 1982 DT 125?? Ive bought this bike all on the road and now the mot is due in a couple months and the exhaust is proper rusty :-(
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