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  1. hey guys, hmm been a long time sorry to hear about that skyline, hope you recover fast and get back on your rocket defo not lookin forward to winter... :cry:
  2. hey who the hell is the truth squad? bit sad to go looking at all those old posts must get thrills with conversing with people younger than them...
  3. haha thats rich comming from a Suzuki owner
  4. hmm speaking of pikeys my cars have been keyed 5 times in the last 4 weeks, we are being targetted, and i havnt pissed anyone off apart from not cleaning up my dogs shiete on the green :? you lot got any tips for catching these scum?
  5. hahaha Whats Suzuki then? Suicidal?
  6. DEP is the one to go for, i got it and had it for about 6 months now and its very nice indeeeed looks looks, sounds good and has nice power increase
  7. poor little bugger, dont know what you'v got yourself into! were you drunk or something!?? :roll:
  8. dammit man, all that crap about the others getting suzis, bloody hell well i hope your happy with it
  9. oh god.... suddenly i feel as though something terrible has happened... you havnt gone for a suzi have you? (it cant be...)
  10. its all good oright yea i saw that thing-cool goneback to your old name eh? hows the XT-still loving it?
  11. just got back from a month in france, was pretty damn cool, lovely place, tried out a KTM Crosser, excellent stuff got back yesterday took the old DT out this monring, was an excellent feeling, i was screaming joy under the lid!
  12. i know the sites already just want to know the best cafes-prices and whether or not its a nice place not REALLY into paying for my action though and im gonna be too monged to dance in any clubs... might go to a museum or something though seriously!
  13. thats cool xtreme but you gotta stop flirting, they might not know sarcasm :boink
  14. bloody hell! if i'd known that you'd all get you granny pants in a twist i wouldna bothered!! would you like me to change the post to Cardiff? :roll:
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