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  1. Has any body used Powerhouse in Sheffield for work and if so are they any good ? Has anybody had problems with seized tickover adjuster and any ideas how to free them ? While I am on, how easy is it to remove spyball alarms ? That will do for now thanks. Mike
  2. Thanks Tony, that is what I suspected after looking at a manual and not finding an oil pressure switch, just an oil level switch. Mike
  3. Thanks for the reply, any thoughts as why it doesnt light, engine runs smooth and doesnt burn oil, as far as I am aware. Mike
  4. Anybody know if the oil pressure light should come on with ignition or just when there is a problem. If it should turn on what could cause it not to ? Thanks Mike 2000 Yamaha FZS 600 in Black
  5. Hi all I am Mike from Leeds and have just bought my first four stroke Yamaha (FZS 600 Fazer) after years on other makes, I have ridden several two stroke Yamahas which include, FS1-E, RD 125 DX, RD 350 LC Mike
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