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  1. Hi All, I order all my parts from Fowlers motorcycles. http://www.fowlers.co.uk/ Just give them the yamaha part number and they will have it. If you dont know the number they can help. Hope it helps
  2. Hi Guys, Just a quick post to say i have found a really good site that has online motorbike and ATV manuals. The site has full colour photos of each step of any job you want to do to your bike. I have my XV 125 and have just recently done new clutch and steering bearings and it has been a lifesaver. The site is: CYCLEPEDIA check out the following link: http://www.cyclepedia.com/ The complete list of manuals available is here: http://www.cyclepedi...online-manuals/ The cost is good too. I paid $24.95 for a 1 year access for the XV 250 manual (which is almost the same
  3. Hi Jimmy, I dont seem to have a problem getting parts. I get them from: http://www.fowlers.co.uk/ They have a great service and parts are well priced. Do you have a parts list for the bike? If not send me your email and i will send it over for you. Regards Dan
  4. Hi Beefy, I am with you on this one, when i first got my Xv 125 i had the same problem, so here goes!!! The image below shows the parts diagram and i have colour coded the pipes to help. OK 2 dark blue pipes come from fuel tank and go to the top 2 inlets on the fuel tap. Grey pipe goes from bottom of fuel tap to the side of the fuel pump. Second one down. Red pipe goes from fuel pump to carb. Green pipe goes from left of fuel tap and joins T piece which then goes to bottom of fuel pump and manifold. This is the Vacum pipe. Here are a few photos of m
  5. Hi, Thanks for all your help. I have moved the indicators and added new wires, all fitted now. Thanks again. I love this site!!!
  6. Hi Guys, I recently purchased a set of XV 125 pannier racks from Ebay, these are the genuine article, but they have no fitting instructions so i am lost as to how they fix. I think i may have worked out that they bolt through the mudguard and then the pillion seat but if i place them, the holes line up but the indicators are in the way. It seems that in order to use them that the indicators need to be moved. Anyone out there got similar and can light the way? I dont mind moving the indicators to further around the mudguard, but this does mean i will need
  7. Hi, Check out page 96 (section 3-20) of the XV250 service manual for the instructions. Regards Dan
  8. Hi, I have the same bike and i get all my parts from the part numbers for the bolts are: 1 x Long one- 98501-06090-00 2 x Short - 98511-06025-00 Give the parts department the part numbers and they can send them out. I have a complete parts list for the XV250 (practically the same bike) if you need a copy Regards Dan
  9. Thanks guys, I adjusted the gear arm and now it seems great. I can get all gears smoothly. Thanks for your help and advice. It is always appreciated.
  10. Hi Guys, I noticed that the clutch cable on my bike was getting a bit old so i decided to replace it with a new one. I have replaced it and adjusted it to the XV 250 manual settings. i.e 3-5mm play on the clutch lever. Can anyone confirm that the position of the clutch mechanisum looks ok? I am assuming that the arrow on the bottom of the arm is supposed to be in line with the gearbox casing. Also can anyone give me some guidance on the lever arm? When you look at the stem from the gearbox it has a mark on it. I again assume that this is to line u
  11. Hi, I dont have a tacho either but i just give it some revs and the voltage should go up. I guessed at this as the engine idling speed is around 1250 -1350 rpm. So i just guessed at twice the revs. Send me your email and i will send over the service manual to you. I have a XV 125 but other than the engine size the frame and electrical section are exaclty the same. I used the XV250 service manual to fix my bike. it really helps. I'm not sure there ever was an official XV 125 service manual made by Yamaha? Regards Daniel
  12. Hi Tom, Do you have a copy of the XV 250 service manual. If not email me and i will send a copy over. On page 251 it shows how to test the charging system. I test mine with a simple multimeter, Set multimeter to DC20V and then rev the bike to 5,000, the multimeter should show 14-15V if the charging unit is working ok. Regards Dan
  13. Hi Guys, I have recently had problems with my XV 125 and through the help of this forum and a lot of testing with a multimeter i have finally solved my issue. Turns out that the CDI unit was faulty and i have repaired it now and i thought it would be a good idea to get it up on the forum for future use. The problem i had was that only 1 cylinder was firing. I only had the front cylinder firing on my bike. I did the usual, checked plugs, checked coils and all seemed ok. So from there i worked from the Iginition electrical diagram If you look on the diagram the command to
  14. Hi Kelum, I will post full detail with photos up today as a new topic. Regards Dan
  15. Hi Guys, Update on the bike. Checked the primary coil and cleaned it but the bike was still firing on one cylinder. It was the CDI unit that was faulty, not sending a singal on the grey wire. Opened the CDI unit up and did some checks, turns out one of the Avalanche diodes had died. Ordered a new diode from littlediode.com for £6.99, soldered in an now the bike has sprung into life!!!!!!!! So CDI fixed and bike running sweet!!!! Thanks for all your help.
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