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  1. When I'm on my MV Agusta with matching one piece leathers & get addmiring looks from beautiful young women who cann't keep there eye s off me , and everone else going green with envy . I useualy respond by turning off the bleeding alarm clock.......yes I was only dreaming , but never mind
  2. I have used ear plugs for the last 25 years.....It isn't how loud the bike is , it's the wind noise that does the damage ( and your head in ) I have top of the range Shoei helmet & used Arai & A G V and constantly doing 90mph + the noise is terrible....cann't spell Horendouse
  3. Mick-Nev

    Hello all

    Hi Neil ! Welcome to the site from sunny Yorkshire
  4. Mick-Nev


    Hi Try this Castrol link....should find the answere here http://www.castrol.com/castrol/sectiongene...ntentId=7027188
  5. have you got the correct plug type / heat range and checked the gap between the electrodes , as far as I am aware the gap is usualy 0.7 to 0.8 but it would be worthwhile checking
  6. I agree the chain needs replacing , also check the sprockets to see if there is any damage or wear ,if so they need replacing also ,if not the worn / damaged sprockets will knacker your new chain
  7. Hi Steve ! New to this site myself , Nice looking bike
  8. Hi ! I am newbie myself ... Try visiting " Squires Coffee Bar " Sherburn-in-elmet near Leeds.... Always plenty of bikes there and a warm welcome . Sundays very busy..
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