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  1. Preload


    Very tidy Dave nice work.
  2. Go to the Yamaha website and download the user manual for free.
  3. Mild winter weather, Snow & Ice rules.
  4. Elliott. Wouldn't a set of RD spannies be close? ps. the bikes looking good.
  5. Preload

    xvs950 rebuild

    Yet again another on how too....Love it.
  6. I looked at the 1300 but its water cooled like the 1800M Suzi so not interested it had to be Aircooled. Yeah the cleaning will be a pissa but I have all the gear to do it as my 350B probably has more chrome.
  7. If you are interested in a 1900 get in there as Yamaha are not selling them next year due emission regs and thats why the prices are so good. No. I got mine from Tamworth Yamaha which was a Yamaha display bike its actually an ACFD without the Batwing which is why it was so cheap. I rode one in California 5 years ago up the PH1 and through part of Death Valley with a pillion and its a doddle to ride. Yes it's fairly heavy but it's all low down and seams lighter than my old FJR.
  8. Not familiar with this bike so I'll assume its a wet sump! If you have only ridden it for 400km and it thinks its a 2 stroke! and no signs of a leak. I'd be looking at the piston rings 1st and hopefully they are only gummed up.
  9. Check the foot brake pivot they can seize up and hold on the brake slightly which wears the pads.
  10. +1 using this method the pistons are pushed back square and the bores don't get damaged. Tip. Squeeze the pistons out a bit further to clean any muck off before pushing back.
  11. Thanks for the link Lallasro that is a good price. I have gone for an A version which is £5100 off list plus I'm having Panniers, Blade screen and Sissy bar fitted. I got a good trade-in as well all I can say is. If you are looking for a new bike the dealers are willing to deal. So get out there and do it.
  12. Update. After quite a bit of searching for info, I'm afraid the Victory's are out as there are a few things that can pack up for no reason and the parts are dam pricey. So its going to be the XV1900 not raider though as long as I can get a good deal mind.
  13. Hell if they managed to follow me home I wouldn't be a happy bunny, at lest I would have them on camera if I had any trouble. You are very trusting which isn't a bad thing. Snakes not my favorite!
  14. I thought the Raider would go down well, I like it as well.
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