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  1. thing is that your unlikely to see a problem till it s too late,if you fit an aftermarket exhaust and air intake your messing with fuelling ratios,ie the bike runs lean (more air in same fuel burn is hotter ? that bit i m deducingi m sure someone will correct me if i m wrong which increases wear) i got the pipe from pacific coast customs and they sent out the pipe and are jetting kit they reccommend that you should go from 112 rear pilot jet 115 front jet to i think it s 117 front and rear so thats what i m going to do ,whats pissing me off no end now is that the harley davidson bikefest i
  2. Def looks like something's dug in ,nasty
  3. Kerryxvs


    I drive an 1100 xvs and I too have had the shite scared out of me was nt expecting it at all ,mid roundabout an all
  4. Hey I ve ordered a set of pipes for my dragstar 1100 ,and I m worried about running the bike lean ,will that not cause the bike ti run hotter thus increasing wear in the long run ? Also I ve ordered a hyper charger (man am I in for it when the wife see s the credit card bill ) My other concern is that this stuff is made in the states and I m wondering is there a big difference in the stock jetting between the American and uk versions?
  5. Hey guys rapid fire question round ,bought an after market pipe for my uk xvs 1100 a ,from a crowd on the pacific coast in the states,aptly named pacific coast customs ,this is a straight swap for the standard pipes And is supposed to be loud as hell ,now the problem lies in re jetting not that that is a big issue but I don't want the motor running too lean ,I m not interested in performance side just the noise and I don't drive flat out so I don't see much point in re jetting ,now that's my opinion but I m just wondering what you guys think ,and I m just wondering if anyone has done the sam
  6. Unreal weather altogether,at this stage I think I ve driven around the ring of Kerry more times than all the yanks put together:-) Since I got the bike the day before paddys I have nt seen one wet day SWEET
  7. Is the fire on tomies or shey conflicting reports here

  8. Shocking new ADI cruelty exposé shames UK circus industry

  9. Kerryxvs

    Haynes manual

    Hey can anyone tell me if there is a Haynes manual for a 2006 dragstar, ,I know it goes from 99 to 05,but do they have one for 06 xvs,can anyone tell me ,and if so where can I buy it Cheers
  10. Kerryxvs


    Well what a week it s been,took delivery of my new (to me) 1100 dragstar about 50miles from home on Wednesday evening and made my way home on a nice clear evening,happy as a pig in shit and smiled for about two hours like an ejit. Got up early on paddys day sun shining ,and off I went I won't say flying cos ten years is a long time even tho you think you still got it ,truth s you don't but I don't mind it s just so great to be back on the road . So Friday sun beating down again I thought man this is great,got home from a great day out to find a message on my phone hey wanna go to a rugby ga
  11. Is home panned out ,what a game of rugby yesterday

  12. Kerryxvs

    Gear choices

    Right plan is to buy two sets really , hopefully leather for summer wear and d hapless textiles for winter ,
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