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  1. Name: yamaha XT660R (2006) Date Added: 15 March 2015 - 10:32 PM Owner: mikejay Short Description: 660 CC SINGLE HIGH TORQUE AT LOW REVS View Vehicle
  2. hi did not expect response so quick thanks i have change front and rear wheel bearings /seals/ brake pads/cush drives/bearing and seal in sprocket carrier and tyres as per normal service oil change adjusted clutch bottom of cable and top the free play is with the bike in gear and rear wheel off the ground with the chain adjusted as per spec when you turn the rear wheel back and forward there is about on link on the chain of movement before the wheel locks up the small sprocket is tight on the shaft as the lock nut and shaft move at the same time so the free play seems to be internal i am on holiday from monday so might not have time to strip it for a week ps i i pull the clutch in then put in gear it gives out a loud thud but if i hold the clutch in for 10 secs then put in gear it is quiet i is not clutch drag but in the 10 secs it seems to take up the free play it can also be rough when riding thanks again
  3. hi i have a 2006 xt660r its done 14000 miles and its started to clunk when i put in gear. i have looked at it and found that there is about 10mm plus backlash on the small chain sprocket. could this be down to the clutch basket starting to wear due to running in to high a gear at low revs or is it a common problem with big singles what other things should i check
  4. I have just returned from a trip over Europe to landeck in austria just beside innsbruck 3000 miles in 6 days. I herd of people taking long trips on the xt660r but never did myself,My friend had a bmw1200gs and the yam kept up not only at speed but returned very good mpg at speeds on mororways of 90mph no problem,it had done 9000 before the trip and never used any oil during the trip the only thing i did was lubricated the chain. The main gripe which i new of was hard narrow seat and vibration through the bars mainly the right side and getting on and off because of the rear bag i am 5'9 31 inch leg but get on ok without the pack. We went on a good selection of roads from motorways to dirt tracks but i did come off on one mountain pass the only real damage was the tall screen split in two if i had the small one there would have been no damage. Love the bike and would do it again.
  5. hi members just a question not a problem. i have an xt660r if you take the seat off at the rear left of the bike there are two plugs one square with four black wires female connector and the other is white with two wires male round connector. i have a wiring diagram but they are not on it. any idea what they are for. thanks mikejay
  6. hi members i am what you call an older biker not that i think i'm old i have owned bikes from 50cc to 1200cc but never done long distance touring my longest trip has been 400 miles from nottingham england to aberdeen scotland. my last four bikes have been yamaha - 750 tenere which i did the trip on nice bike but numbed my hands through vibration allmost a buzzing through the handlebars-a fj1200 which i also did the trip on i enjoyed them both. a tdr250 speed machine that i love to rev but siezd up on one clyinder twice due to water in the petrol tank causing it to starve one clyinder of petrol- i still have the bike. my latest is a xt660r nice looking bike that i have a few niggles with but i have only done 1500 miles in all weather so still getting use to it one thing i have learned decals on metal stick better than on plastic as when i washed it in cold weather with cold water the decals came off but when dried were sitcky again.look forward to reading your views on your bikes.
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