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    I wanted to know exactly the same thing - I have done 9.5k miles and the front tyre has just started to show a really wierd wear pattern (back has loads left yet) and from the above posts its probably better to replace the BT021s with the same. Cheers
  2. tjn2060


    I have exactly the same question ref replace BR021 or change brand, as I have done 9.5k and the front has just started a really weird wear pattern (back still has loads), I had better look for the same tyre to replace it with!
  3. tjn2060

    Yamaha XJ6

    ref the buzzing mentioned by some above I have '60 XJ6FA and I also found it was at times both 3000rpm ish and 4500-5000 rpm ish. Riding on open road, I managed to figure out it was the front screen/black dial 'dash'. Local dealer tried to tighten all the screen fixings - no change. Second trial with 2 guys on the bike with me holding the revs, it stopped if they pressed the black dial 'dash' to the left & right of the dials, right at the pointed bit where it meets the screen and fairing. They have fixed by fitting some, like double sided sticky sponge, at that point and the noise has stopped - heaven!
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