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  1. Thanks Paul, sound advice
  2. Hi I'm reasonably new and posted in the new members section that I'll try harder to post regularly etc, I thought getting email Notifications would help me remember where I'd posted so can anyone help me with what the settings should be please? I've managed to get it so that it's 'watching' two topics but I've posted on others as well! Confused. Thanks
  3. Fantastic! I'll keep an eye out for the haze and chocking toddlers
  4. Oh yes, anything to get bums on seats eh?
  5. Been fab hasn't it, I've ran around Lincolnshre helping my girlfriend break in her new bike! Wragby, Willingham Woods and Mablethorpe....anyone knocking around these parts? I'm from Lincoln myself
  6. Welcome! Look after your self and take care out there!
  7. I think wemoto.com do them, not cheap though I'm afraid, can't imagine you can find a shocker too cheap anywhere though! Sorry to not be the bearer of brilliant news but I've got loads of my 'divvy' parts from that website! I reckon barkwindjammer was after more of an intro by the way - where you from and all that!?
  8. Ha! Brilliant I can't imagine she'll be too chuffed with a disc lock though, and I'd hate to imagine what could happen if I forgot to take it off! Maybe just the steering lock eh?
  9. Hi guys, I've relegated myself to the noobs section because I introduced myself months ago and only posted on 'proper' topics a couple of times although I must add that I've got my lovely girlfriend on to two wheels in the mean time! I'll try harder this time and so hello and here's to the smashing weather of the long weekend just gone! (for us in Lincolnshire anyway!)
  10. Thanks mate, I'm quite surprised anyone responded! Appreciated nonetheless
  11. You're not wrong, I saw it myself! Pawing at the window of the office
  12. I've heard about this too, a pretty raw deal if you ask me and with the new European licensing directive coming 2013 we'll (or rather up and coming bikers) will soon be legislated off the road!
  13. Hi everyone, been riding for 15 months or so - a YBR125 for a year and then an XJ600S Diversion. Getting in to biking is one of the best decisions I ever made! That's about all I've got for now, here's to the impending spring! Cheers
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