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  1. Hey great to hear others are still riding this fine motorcycle! I got 90,000 miles on the original motor, then something went wrong in the gearbox. I looked around and found another motor with about 2,000 miles on it. With general maintenence & as long as I can find parts, I'll ride this bike forever! I've made lots of mods so now only really knowledgable people know its a 1982 motorcycle. I get compliments everywhere i go & questions about what kind it is, ect. I'm new here & still trying to figure out how to navigate this page. Lets all put up pics of our Secas. Even if I had enough money for a new bike I'd keep this one. It always has done everything I've asked of it & its reliability is nothing short of phenominable! Sure it aint no modern race bike but is plenty fast for me & who needs the speeding tickets anyway. Hope to hear some feedback. Riding season here in Minnesota USA is still 2 months away & I cant wait to go riding!!!
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