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  1. Need to upload picture to ImageShack (or similar) which will give you a link you can use in the "Image" option within the post. Hope the bike is sorted!
  2. If the screw is metal and the plastic insert is the problem, can you use a slightly thicker screw? You could use a tap and remake the thread and use a machine screw. Another possibility with this sort of thing is to snip a small part off of a rawlplug and insert it into the hole and use the original screw. Difficult to know without seeing it but one of the above should do it.
  3. It's a gear indicator (LED display showing what gear the bike is in) I would be looking to wire (don't have it yet but looked at the wiring diagram to see how easy it was). I was assuming it was something to do with the neutral indicator but don't know anything about the wiring ... wasn't aware neutral had a switch! I still dont have a 2010 Divi workshop manual (still awaiting the one from the US Fleabay) so not sure what to look for.
  4. Hi folks, Looking at the following installation diagram ... I get the + and - (battery connections) but not sure about the third ... what is a neutral connection (see pic below)? With a car I have the 12V and ground, domestic wiring is clear at Pos, Neut and earth but haven't done any wiring on a bike. Anyone got the answer to this? Thanks
  5. Got into the habit of that running up to my DAS test :-)
  6. sisu

    XJ6 Manual

    Apologies if this has been asked before but can't figure out how to search the forum Does anyone know where to source a decent Workshop Manual for a 2010 XJ6 Diversion (SA) ABS? Have seen a couple of XJ6 manuals on Fleabay but not sure if they are any use. Haynes don't seem to do one as yet unless anyone knows different! Not looking to take the bike apart but would like a bit more info than the handbook! Thanks
  7. Thanks for all the responses folks - much appreciated. I wasn't particularly going for ABS but one of the bike had it so just feeling up opinions on the importance. Should know by the weekend which one I have gone for ... wil bore you all with pictures when/if I get it
  8. Firstly apologies for using the title to introduce culture to the forum Continuing my stream of newbie questions - I am down to 2 bikes for my first 'big' bike. Barring a bit of difference in the toys and a few k in mileage the difference between the bikes is that one has ABS. Especially as this is my first big bike is the ABS worth a couple of hundred extra? I am aware of the use of ABS generally, albeit on cars (am I allowed to use the 'c' word on the forum?) but am not sure how valuable it is generally. Both bikes are relatvely young and still have some Yamaha warranty so not concerned about being able to spot a defect with the ABS. Any comments or advice appreciate!
  9. Looking at a first big bike (Divi/Fazer type) ... Comparing bikes I have seen quite a few with varying 'protection'. My question is, is there a noticable difference between engine bars and crash bungs. I'm not intending to prang the bike (little bike [YBR] did blow over in the gales!) but curious as to opinions on whether one is noticably better as an option to the other. Thanks
  10. sisu

    First Fazer?

    Thanks Pat, Is there a max mileage I should balk at? Seen a 98 Fazer at 20k and a 2002 at 48k ... my understanding is that the engines are fairly bullet proof but is there a point they are likely to get tired or need an overhaul?
  11. sisu

    First Fazer?

    Had been looking at Divi's for a first big bike however have ended up looking at a couple of 600 Fazers (a 98 and a 2002). Anyone have any comments on a Fazer as a first 'big' bike? Have read a bit about the differences which seem, on the surface, to boil down to the Divi being a bit more forgiving and the Fazer being a bit more potentially lively. Assuming I am ok with the Divi (and an MT-03 from my DAS (though didn't like the throttle on the MT-03)) is the Fazer much of an adjustment? Need to go read up on the difference between a 98 and 2002 bike but if anyone has any general pointers that would also be helpful. Thanks
  12. sisu

    R6 v XJ600N

    Just confirmed that the R6 is a "YZF" not "FV" so more of a pure sports bike than the all-rounder I think might be more suitable for me (found a good comparison article - link below). http://www.motorcyclistonline.com/features/122_1003_yamaha_fz6r_vs_yzf_r6/viewall.html
  13. sisu

    R6 v XJ600N

    Hey folks, Got through my DAS and scratching about for a 'big' bike. Had been looking at a newish XJ6 Divi but have seen a couple of older bikes and thinking it might be a decent idea to bop about on something like those rather than a newer bike until I have more miles under me Two bikes that have caught my eye are a 98 XJ600N (10k miles) and a 2003 R6 also with 10k miles. Questions I have are: 1. I know the feel of the XJ6 (did part of my DAS on slightly newer version) but have never riden R6 ... is the R6 a bit ambitious as a first 'big' bike? From reading about it it is rather more of a sports bike than the sports/tourer XJ but dont know how that translates into use. My main usage for the bike will be to get miles in and get about town/country. 2. Any general opinions on the bikes re their age? The XJ is c£1k with the R6 c£2.5k. The R6 seems well looked after and pretty clean, the XJ rather more 'lived-in' Got a few years under me (ok more than a few ) so the insurance company are not likely to lay an egg over either bike ... Comments really appreciated
  14. sisu

    YBR Bar ends

    Thanks Mervin, no washer with the ends ... will see if I can source something. Will give it a go when I can find a plastic washer that might suit (I see a trip to B&Q plumbing dept in my future), worst I can do is need to buy another grip if I screw it up
  15. sisu

    Moving on up from YBR

    Having just passed my DAS (there goes the neighbourhood folks ) I am looking at sourcing a 'big' bike. I did my DAS on a combination of an XJ6 and an MT03. Can't say I loved the MT03 (never fully got used to the notchy throttle response although that might have been me) but I did find the XJ6 quite a nice ride. Question is does anyone have a strong opinion on the XJ6 as a first 'big' bike? Have looked at a few including some with ABS ... I understand the use of ABS but never used a bike with it - how important is it on a bike? Any comments appreciated.
  16. Hi folks, Following a blown over bike (appartently a centre stand and the most sheltered place in the drive isn't good enough [ok the bike cover may have contributed]!) necesitating the second clutch lever replacement ... first being a slightly bent one when I got bike :-) I am fitting a couple of bar ends. Following a complete failure to source specific YBR ones I picked up Halfords generic fit ones of expanding rubber type but they don't have any instructions. The actual 'fitting' is pretty obvious but looking for advice from anyone who has actually done this. Basically my query is, do I simply cut out the rubber at the end of the grips and insert? Obviously there is an issue with clearance on the throttle side ... do I just leave a couple of mil so that the grip doesn't bind on the bar end or is there a more 'engineered' solution? Any advice appreciated.
  17. sisu

    YBR 125 Lights

    Thanks Martin, great reply. Sounds like the wiring/switch should be ok so I will swap over the bulb and see how it goes. I hadn't thought about the load from heated grips etc so you are right, the lamp upgrade should be a minor issue in terms of the alternator's capacity. The 2010 does still have a kick start ... always nice to have a backup :-) I will post how I get on (probably be the weekend before I get it done!). Thanks again
  18. Appreciating that there is a sticky topic on this I have a specific question re swapping out the headlight bulb and was looking for opinions and experiences (if any). It's 1 2010 YBR if that makes any difference. The bike is fitted as standard with a 35W/35W HS1 lamp. I spoke to a main dealer who supplied me a 55W/55W lamp saying that it should be ok but, maybe, there might be an issue with the battery being discharged if I spend a lot of time idling. Questions are: 1. Is there likely to be an issue with the supply wires? If my calcs are correct, a 35W lamp at 12V draws around 3 amps (35W divided by 12 volts) while a 55W would draw more like 4.5 amps [not sure if double filament wire on full beam has both on or if they alternate ... if both them amps would double for each case]. Anyone know what the rating is for the headlight supply wire or have a technical manual that they could look it up in? 2. Would the battery honestly be a problem? My (limited) understanding is that once started the alternator runs the electrics and charges the battery with any surplus - wouldn't I have to be starting and stopping the engine AND using all the juice to discharge the battery? I have seen quite a few posts of folks fitting additional lights (with a separate battery supply) so I can't see that the battery should be an issue. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks
  19. Yup, worth a look. certainly wouldn't spend the money on cheap and cheerful! Will go and Google where the best place in Edinburgh is for bike tyres ... expect Kwik fit don't do bikes Now if I can just source better lights (or gaffer tape a torch to the front of the bike). Thanks again
  20. Hadn't thought about the tyres - will have a look at the cost and see what I come up with. Thanks for the input.
  21. Can anyone give me an indication of what I should be looking at paying for a 3500 mile service on a YBR 125 (2010) ... main dealers pricing more than I pay for my car, not sure if this is normal! Cheers
  22. YBR 125 (2010) Couple of quick questions ... gathered them together rather than littering the forum with a pile of small queries - hopefully that's ok. 1. Lights: I have read the pinned post re YBR lights and was wondering what the advice was if I didn’t want to make any significant permanent mod’s to the bike (still under warranty). Is it worth upgrading the lamps (bulbs) – saw xenon lamps in Halfords but not sure if they are worth it. 2. New bike mods: Any ‘no brainer’ mod’s I should make to the bike? It has engine bars which I think are an add on but not sure if there are any little tweaks I should make – will prob fit a top box for the helmet some time but not sure if there is anything else. 3. Workshop manual: not intending to take the bike apart (for now ) but would like a Haynes type manual for the bike as I have always relied on them for cars - I am new to bikes so want to get familiar with the kit. I notice that the current Haynes are up to 2009 ... does anyone know if the 2010 YBR is significantly different from the 2009 YBR other than the bodykit and position of the instruments? Any info or opinions appreciated
  23. sisu


    Just a quick note to say hi ... just got my first bike - YBR 125 2010 today (pause for gasps as you all take in the awsome power ). Appologies in advance for the likely torrent of silly questions. Cheers
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