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    1. XJ900fTrike


      Dear Barcus

      A collector box Is find on most lawn mowers


      But you might find one on eBay

  2. Thanks for sharing all your info. I recently used Motorsloop for the very same thing... thanks to you. I now have the right side engine casing on its way. Fedex no less. Terribly exciting......
  3. Cheers for that. That may be the only way to get the 4 into 2 rumbling again.... Do you know whether the XJ550 maxim or 700 have the same oem box as the 900f?
  4. Nice pics. Thanks for sharing.... My rear wheel back on... bloody stiff to turn.... what you reckon? Bearings? The oil defo needs changing... been stood 2 years.
  5. Thanks anyway. I have cobbled together an old 4 into 1 for now, but am loathed to sell on the silencers and downpipes just in case something turns up... Do you know whether the XJ550 750 boxes are the same as the OEM xj900f box (long shot, but who knows...?) Thanks for replying.
  6. Hi.. Any advice on where I can get a replacement collector box for my XJ900f 58L 1986 model? I have drawn blanks anywhere in the UK so far and it's driving me nuts. Not sure whether there are any other models' collector boxes which will fit... can anyone please advise / help me? Thanks.
  7. Hi. I have a Motad 4 into 1 for the XJ900f. but would prefer to use the standard downpipes and silencers I have. I am having real trouble finding a collector box though. Did you have any luck finding what you wanted? Can you offer any advice as to where I can get a collector box for a pre divvy xj900f? Cheers.
  8. Hi. I also have the same model. So tempted to take the engine out and clean up. mechanically it is sound. I have a real problem to find a collector box replacement... any ideas?
  9. Barcus


    Try Bridgestones. or Continentals.
  10. Barcus


    I have a Rentec rack for the XJ900f. I won't use it. Do you want it? I'm advertising it for £40
  11. Barcus


    Hi. I have had several XJ600 pre diversions. and now have an XJ900f 58L (1985). She's very tatty' but I've been spending a lot of time on her... Just replaced plugs and filter and new fuel in a slightly leky tank and guess what... she started second push of the button. I was amazed! Carbs were off and cleaned out and butterflies freed up and she fired up instantly. So now time to do the rest... My tank has been lined in the past and was full of floating skins of some deteriorated liner. So I was interested in your blurb about tank liners.... My main thing at the moment is the exhaust..
  12. Bought a 91J Yamaha XJ600 pre-diversion a few months ago. Sorted carbs brakes, coils replaced cables and so on and on and on..... bloody hell! Can't believe how much time I've put into it (and dosh). Anyway, running like a dream with new oil and plugs and air filter... ACE!! THen the shit hits again....... new battery is FLAT. AA man came and said he thinks it's the rectifier. £65 from local Yamaha dealer / £45 from Wemoto. First though. Are there any ways of testing the integrity of the current rectifier on the bike at the moment? as it would be a shame to buy a new part and find the same pro
  13. Sorry... Thanks for the pics. I just realised I replied to you, but in the wrong name. Yours has the original mirrors and indicators... both of which I prefer.. but mine has a rather longer screen which deflects the wind straight over me heed. I'll take her out for a spin before she leaves home. All the best.. Justin
  14. 30k miles... what's yours like? any pics to make me drool.?
  15. Cheers for the info mate. I love my XJ... so not too bothered if he doesn't want it (but seems rather keen.... bugger!) I'll pass on the info to him and send him your thread too.... Sounds a lot of wonga for a few piddly washers.... bit of a stealth tax (yet again). My XJ is a 1989 (F plate) 51J model with 30k original on the clock. She looks VERY pretty and goes like a nympho with her drawers on fire. I have only once taken it to the local airfield and clocked 120mph on the clocks (so probably not too accurate). Otherwise, I tend to razz about with the wife (until she became preggers a
  16. Hi... I am after some advice. As the wife is expecting our 2nd nipper, she's gone off the boil on the bike outings (SHAME!) so a local lad has expressed his interest in buying my XJ600f 1989 pre-diversion. Only problem is the bike has 72bhp and he needs to restrict it to 33bhp... is this possible with this model and if so, where does he get the parts from? How much will it cost? THANKS.... You are always a mine of info. on the site..... I love my bike, but she's going, going and nearly Gone.... (I AM offcially very sad!)
  17. Hi everyone. I am relatively new to this type of forum stuff, so bear with me... I've been reading quite a few topics though, and it seems a great system for sharing ideas and info. My problem / issue is this:- my bike starts fine and goes well, but occasionally, she will simply die in mid-flow... It is as if I have turned the engine off. It's quite like a fuel starvation, but I know fuel tap is on etc... I have noticed that the kill switch on the right handle bar seems dodgy... sometimes works and other times nothing but a click. Then, after a few momoents standing, and several cli
  18. Hi. I just read what you said about your XJ and oil overfill.... I have recently bought a 1989 pre-diversion and think it is over filled since I can't see an oil level in the window of the engine casing. What happens if it has too much oil? Mine also rattles a fair bit, but goes well until (now and again) it just dies in mid flow.... as if the engine has been switched off. Then; after a few seconds of stand still/ or a minute and a flick flack of the kill switch and she's off agaion. Do you think the switch has dodgy contacts? If so, would that do this to the running engine? I guess s
  19. Exactly the same model as I have. Let me know how you find it... Just started riding this after some 20 years away from road bikes... nippy little number. seems pretty heavy for such a small bike though. How are the electrics on your XJ? My fuse box is held together with blu tac and the kill switch shorts as you ride along, but other than that, she's a blinder... Put a bloody sensible pair of horns on though... the standard OEM horn is pants... Now has 139Db blasters, run off a relay... Hmm! That should make 'em sit up and listen...
  20. I am assuming that the head is made of Aluminium on the Pre-Diversion XJ600f...? That said, three fins on the left side of the head (on mine) are snapped and generally buggered well and truly. I'd like to think there is a way of repairing these for cosmetic appearance alone... The damage makes no difference to the running of the engine... just looks pants on one side. I guess the previous owner didn't give a hoot, but I am a bit more fussy.. Mind you, I don't feel up to changing the head, so any suggestions would be appreciated.... Cheer Ears
  21. Well I'll be....! Only had this bike a few months... MOTd etc.. and happy going along until suddenly the bike lurches forwards as if no fuel. Plenty fuel me thinks, so wha' the F....? Now I remeber the time when she would not start after I had switched the run switch off and on again. There was an electrical shrt (fizzing )sound when the switch would not engage as it should... contacts stuffed I guess. Anyway... On, Off, On, Off and then the switch engaged and she fired on the button again. Am I right to assume that the switch (if dodgy contacts) could be the culprit? This has happened twice
  22. Barcus


    I can only say from when I used to own a Honda CX500 (The plastic pig) and used her for dispatch while I was a student, that the shaft drive is great... very responsive and immediate translation of power from the crank. The CX was a very torquey bike, not glamorous nor fast, but always pumped out plenty of grunt from low revs. I found , with a shaft drive, you could slow right down in top gear, to almost walking pace, then squeeze the throttle and she'd push away immediately. The advantage being that you don't keep changing up and down the box in traffic and so reduce fuel consumption. Shaft
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