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  1. I rode an MT-03 back in 2006 while there was one on demo at a local dealer. Plenty of torque to keep you out of trouble and the power delivery is not too ferocious which makes it brilliant for newcomers to big bikes. Being a single cylinder engine, the power range is fairly limited and I was nearly spat over the front when the rev limiter stepped in. Top speed I saw on the clock was 139km/h. The seating position is far more upright than a sportsbike and if you're not after monster speed then this is a pretty good bike to consider.
  2. Good thought. Stock gearing is 16/57 on post 2000 models. I personally opted for a larger front sprocket to stop it revving so hard in top gear. I tried an 18 in the absence of a 17. That was far too big and top speed was very limited. The 17 tooth gave a reasonable balance but due to my weight, sometimes it struggled a bit going uphill or against a strong wind.
  3. Normally I wouldn't believe claims of people doing anything more than 75mph on a DTR. I will accept claims of around 80-85mph now as I have followed a crazy friend of mine and seen with my own eyes 85mph on my YZF clocks. That's a real speed of about 75-80mph which is very respectable for a 125cc scrambler. Sounds to me like you guys have carb problems. My 2001 DTR with my weight aboard topped out around 65-70mph but accelerated to that speed fairly swiftly.
  4. Not a problem, can you get the carb off? Once you've got the carb off the manifold and hanging down, remove the screws on the bottom and the float bowl should come away which exposes the floats and jets. The jet you need to change is the one in the middle. Being as your bike is a 2003, the standard fit main jet is a 240 which you replace with a 260. Reassemble as you took it apart and you should be good to go
  5. As I've said many times before, start with the basics and go from there. First off sort out the exhaust by either getting an aftermarket performance system or gut the stock one. You'll then need to get more air flowing in so remove the rubber airbox snorkel and rejet the carb with a larger main jet to compensate for the extra air. That should help to free up some more power and make the bike more responsive.
  6. Willenium

    dtr125 sm

    Full DEP exhaust system, remove airbox snorkel, rejet carb. That'll allow for a healthy power increase.
  7. Suppose it doesn't really help my fork seals have leaked the majority of the oil out. Looking at getting them done soon so might start getting some better response from the bike. Will keep you posted.
  8. Shame you lot don't live near me. I'd take great pelasure in pulling one of the bikes apart to find the problem and report back.
  9. Me? R1? Not yet I'm afraid. Insurance was very steep last time I checked. My friend was going to get one but has not been very sensible with his money and doesn't have the capital to buy one yet. To make matters worse, he now has a woman (Oh dear ) and his car broke down today. Looks like he wont be having an R1 after all!
  10. Very nice mate I spy an aftermarket tail light, DEP silencer, Cemoto SM mudguard and missing fork gaiters? Should get a DEP front pipe and a set of Avon Distanzia tyres. You'll be the nimblest thing in town then
  11. Willenium


    It's just some sort of recirc hose. Block the end of it and tuck it away neatly.
  12. No problem. LC: http://www.bikez.com/pictures/yamaha/1983/...c%20Leclerc.jpg http://topsk.com/yamaha/yamahaphoto/DT125%2034X.jpg R: http://www.hojliv.se/gallery/files/9/2/027.jpg http://wazaari.net/img/kemonomichi/IMG_0402.jpg
  13. Shame you're not a bit closer or I could spend half a day or so getting it running correctly, or at least finding the problem.
  14. Willenium


    DEP silencer is BS stamped on underside so will pass MOT legally. Front pipe is not BS stamped but will go through anyway because it's a full system that does show a BS stamp on it.
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