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  1. Hi all, just bought a 1996 xj600 diversion and though can manage it ok would prefer if it was slightly lower. Is it possible to lower this model and if so, how easy is it to modify? Cheers Tony
  2. homertony


    Hey folks, just bought a 1996 xj600 diversion today with 46,000 miles on clock. Is this high mileage for this type of engine and how many miles can I expect to get out of it if serviced regularly? I've owned 3 Yamaha Viragos, two 535's and a 750cc and found them to be great bikes, very reliable and am hoping the 600 will be every bit as good. There's no centre stand on the bike and was wondering if one can be fitted? Also, as I am vertically challenged is it possible to lower the suspension on the xj6? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Tony
  3. Hey folks just took possession of a 1996 Yamaha xj600 diversion and thought I should get together on a forum with other like minded people! Hoping to pick all your brains as I've always ridden cruisers and know nothing about this bike other than the fact I liked the look of it... Cheers Tony
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