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  1. The motor im looking at says ID# 443-013867. What would be the advantage having the mx over the dt motor. From what ive researched many refer to the mx's having both monoshock and dual shock. I wasnt finding much out there for mx motors so, if there isnt much power difference im going to go with the dt175, might not be as good as the mx but still is better than the 125 I currently have with is ok with me. I still havn't been out by my bike lately to get any numbers off of it.
  2. Is there a good year and a bad year for the 175. I located a 1974, 175 motor and plan on buying in a few days, should I be looking for a certain year? The engines complete minus the carb. Sounds like a solid motor ( its clean, cosmetically good shape), and owner stated that it had good compression when pulled. Just a question on the 175, was the dt the later mono shock, and the mx is the earlier dual shock. Thanx for the help![b]
  3. I looked up the TZR 125 on ebay to see the availability of parts and was shocked to only see 4 pages. Seems to be way more parts out there to keep either the DT 125/175 running down the road. The DT 175 seems to be my best option. I'm going to keep my eyes out for open for a decent motor with a solid lower end, and a rebuildable top end.( I think a coupe gaskets and some rings would be a good way of finishing a good inspection). I'd rather not have to seperate the cases if I dont have too. The cost of parts to make my stock lower end up to par would be probably more than buying a solid 175, and just freshin up the motor and call it good. 1. Is there enough clearance to shave material off the head to bump compression. 2. Is there any port and polishing that could be done, (I have done it on four stoke motors but not sure on the effects it would have on a two stroke.) 3. Is the a patronics system or simular, that replaces the points with a magnetic pickup sensor. 4. If I want to premix the gas and oil do I just remove the oil pump and plate it off? I appreciate all the help I'm getting, I'll keep you posted and hopefully get some pics up.
  4. If you had a choce of rebuilding the 125 (new gaskets, seals, crank, rod, piston) or getting a used 175 and doing a build to that, or is there a larger motor than the 175 that still bolts to frame, which would be your plan of attack? I want the most power i can get but not have to make a custom mounts and such,( from my digging around it seems to leading twards the 175 if so does anyone have one for sale?
  5. Good to know on the crank I didn't know if they were rebuildable or not. I guess I will see whats up with the 175 and if not complete I can use parts off of the 125. thank you for advice!!
  6. good thing i love motors, atleast its not a 4 stroke. I love dooing the teediest work, its always nice to know the bike inside and out anyways. I build chevy small and big blocks all the time so a little 2 stroke is accually a treat. Thanx for the support guys.
  7. thanx for the info- so the crank bearrings dont ride on crank but rather press on-good, now how does the rod connect to crank, (does the crank sepperate or do you press out a pin, insert new rod and press in a new pin) The 175 I found is on ebay, doesnt run but cylinder is good and so is piston, so i was just thinking re ring it. The bike I have is is strpped but in real good shape not rusted or dented. I want to seperate the motor clean everyting and paint it, as long as im this far into it, I might as well do it right. (all new gaskets and seals bearring ect.) I think it would be easier using parts from the 175 since I plan on stipping motor completely( dont trust jsut installing the 175 and hoping it works out.) Are there any concers I should be aware of when splitting the cases, special tools?, or stubborn bolts? agin thank you for the info cant wait to have another 2stroke running. ect. what would be the advantage of having a weisco piston over stock (are they diffent cc's or just lighter, stronger?
  8. Thanks for the info I read some where about that, but wasnt sure about the wiring and such. Do they use a common crank and rod then? My crank and rod were rusted togeather, but freed it loose. I would imagine since that they are needle bearings that the crank surface is ruined as well as the rod. I have not split the cased yet to remove the crank so im unsure as how the rod seperates from the crank( is there a pin to press out if so that would give me a smooth surface by pressing in a new pin with new rod a bearrings?). And what about the crank end bearrings do they press onto crank or, ride on the crank,( if they ride on the crank I would have to replace that too) what would be a good year 175 motor to either use or take parts from? Thank you for all the information and helping a newbie to the forum!!
  9. Hey everyone my name is Greg and am now to this forum, I found a really good deal on a dt175 motor while in the process of gathering a parts list to rebuild my 125. Ican get the 175 for cheaper than I can build my 125 due to missing parts. Is this swap possible and what mods would have to be done. Im up for more power for less money. I have a 1981 (Ibelieve a dt125 e?) no title just off road. I bought it stripped down and does have a mono shock so I know the era not the model(I know it is not the dt125r because of the distictive gas tank. Any info would be greatly appreciated.(seens to be more parts for the 175 too!!! Thanks for looking!!
  10. Sorry for the poor intro, jumping the gun a little. My name is Greg and I'm from milwaukee, WI, United States. I'm an auto mechanic and a motorcycle enthusiast. I am a member in a couple automotive forums, and from the few hours ive been on here I can see that there are a lot of talented guys and a huge passion for bikes, (and gals I did see one lady post, which I think is #ucking awsome)hope to make some good friends,dont know why I wasnt on here earlier.
  11. Love new forums, so much info. I bought a dt125 about 10 years ago from a swap meet. Ran great for 3 days then siezed up. Ten years later still bugs me to this day sooo...I got 300 dollars into it now so whats another 200 and have a rebuilt motor right. Well getting everything togeather today I realized im missing a lot of parts. I have the cylinder but no head or bolts. water got into motor and rod and crank are a little rusty now. I got them moving and realixe I either need a new crank, to have a clean surface for new rod bearrings, or can I just replace a pin not sure how they come apart. I found new pistons used heads and such off of ebay, and it is now that I realize that there are different dt125's and am a little unsure what i have. Im sure its a dt125 but its painted different and has a mono shock differnt bars and such, it is striped of all road worthy stuff. I got no title and never planed on driving on road and still dont. Is there any options as putting a 175cc motor on it or using those internals and make a stroker( or use a 175cc motor with a 125cc head) ? is should i go stock or since im into it is ther performace upgrades to do? any info on vin number identificatioin on frame motor or ? need help making sure im buying right parts. Oh and I live in wisconsin so if anyone is close with some parts would be awsome. Hope to hear from you guys and exchange ideas and knowledge.
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