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  1. Found this on You Tube
  2. Having struggled to find a bike I fit properly to my DAS, I am now starting lessons with the XJ6. Mightily impressed with the space and comfort, so much so I could see me getting one eventually.
  3. Well that has been since the end of February and no issues with the new bulb. It has the same looks and numbers as the 35w, but it is 45w.
  4. I have a Caberg Konda with the flip down sun visor and cannot image buying a helmet without one. With our long springs and autums and sunsets, there is too much of the day and too many days when the sun is low in the sky not to have one.
  5. Lidl sell stuff as well. I bought my excellent textiles off ebay. Made by an Italian company called JF Pelle and sold here http://stores.ebay.co.uk/hkleathers they are warm/cool as required, have lots of pockets and proved to be very waterproof.
  6. I did about 100 miles yesterday, just for fun. I made a point of relaxing, not even trying to keep up with the traffic and not worrying about cars stuck behind me. Funny thing was I am sure I did the same speeds I would usually do and did keep up with the traffic. Losing a couple of miles an hour makes for a much more pleasurable ride with hardly any loss in real world performance.
  7. Throttled

    Awesome side car

    Looks like a car and a bike have melted into each other.....
  8. Nice bike, but cruisers are not for me, bad for the back. How do you find the 250cc? What mpg, top speed do you get? Thanks.
  9. Hi to you and yes, the weather is excellent for bikes. I started back in November and today is the first day where I have felt warm and had dry roads to go on.
  10. Throttled

    Avatar Size

    I just used Irfanview to redo my avatar. Found the image I wanted, dragged and dropped it into Irfanview. Then on the top tool bar click on image and then in the drop down box click on resize/resample and you see the image dimensions. You change the first to 90 and the second will automatically adjust to keep the correct shape. Then on the top tool bar click file and save as and save it into your pictures. Upload from there.
  11. Being a bit dim here, so you must be insured or SORNed?
  12. I took a chance with Italian maker JF Pelle off eBay and so far, having worn them through the winter, if anything the textile trousers are too warm. When I had my fall the trousers came out unscathed and the hip padding saved me from any bruising.
  13. I had Datatag installed when I got my bike. It cost abut £60. How effective it is, I don't know, but the stickers on the bike may help deter theft. I believe both the numberplate and tax disc should be visible if you park on the road.
  14. It is a compromise between the bike being secure and not spending ages and getting dirty every time I want to go for a ride or park up.
  15. Basically as above... I bought a Motrax combined chain and disc lock, but the disc lock part it did not fit the disc. So I got a Motrax Guvnor disc lock, which did not fit the disc, but it goes over a spoke instead. The chain is attached to the disc lock. I then got a disc lock which did fit and use that as well. The chain is attached to a ground anchor from ebay cemented into the ground. I put gravel around the bike and the ground anchor nearer the fence to make it hard to get big bolt cutters into the chain and get proper leverage. The bike is also covered, is right at our front door and under a street light.
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