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  1. You've just got to use your brain mate. If you're filtering on a dual carriageway you need to be careful of the idiots who indicate, change lanes and don't look in their mirror all at the same time. I've nearly been caught out a couple of times but luckily managed to react quick enough to avoid being hit ! At the end of the day if you don't feel confident, don't do it
  2. I brought some as I'm doing the whole winter on my bike. Was jubious as they look ridiculous. They were also HORRIBLE to use. I personally wouldn't recomend them to anyone, they hardly fit my bike. If i took my left hand out, when putting it back in the muff i was beeping the horn and putting my main beams on!! Lol!! But seriously I hated them. Sent them back the next day.
  3. I've got an XJ6N, I get ~25 miles per bar, refilling at around ~150 miles. Thats average riding, not grandad but not rossi. lol.
  4. I rode in the fresh snow we had last year. I didn't come off but thats cause I was careful. Same goes for these sub-zero morning. As long as you're careful and keep an eye on the weather and temps the night before so you can make a some sort of assessment of what the roads will be like in the morning. Just be careful, we all know theres no grip on ice so no need to ride like the suns out
  5. I haven't gone for any yet! Based on pillion ride I wouldn't bother as leg room is an issue. But for solo I think I will end up purchasing these.
  6. I just got a rear stand with the cups for my XJ6. £20 from ebay brand new. Does the job perfect!
  7. Just get one of the motorcross stands http://www.racespec.co.uk/acatalog/Lift_Up_Stands.html cheap and will work for the bike you have.
  8. Will Munsey


    I have just over 3.5k on my tyres from new. I can already see the centre of the tyre going flat. I suspect I will need new ones in the next 4-5k at a guess
  9. I have the same problem?? Always feel like I'm leaning on my hands.
  10. Cheers I went for the puig one. Will upload a post with a short review later.
  11. Thanks for the replies, I still can't decide weather to go for the panniers or upgrade my bike!
  12. As far as I know you need it to be fitted by a dealer, I thought the insurance wanted proof of restriction and your issued a sort of certificate when its been restricted.
  13. Simple fact, riding with no helmet is retarded. It's one of the limited bits of protection you have on a motorbike. If you don't wear one and you have an accident then tough. It's your own fault. You wouldn't go to war without a gun would you? Lol. You know what I mean.
  14. It's a load of horse s**t. I have a 2012 XJ6 [naked] was thinking of trading for XT660Z Tenere. Phoned insurance company. Got a quote, goes from £1000[fully comp] on the XJ6 to £2000 on the tenere. A lower powered bike? Makes no sense to me! It's not like the bike is worth a thousand quid more either! Oh just a note, with another company I can get it for £1000. Just the shitty one I'm tied in with thats expensive lol.
  15. I suppose it all depends what you want really! I brought a 30 ltr Givi topbox from eBay for 30 quid. The racks cost 100. But obviously new Givi boxes go up to £300+ I'm sure there will be some cheaper brands out there if you have a looksie.
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