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  1. Bids straight up to £5 over then stops, private bidding as well, see he has a few good mates
  2. like this one http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Yamaha-RD200-/230570925126?pt=UK_Motorcycles&hash=item35af191c46
  3. thanks for the info, hopefully have a look next week
  4. seller said that he had done an oil change in case there was too much oil in but it changed nothing
  5. Picture number 52 looks like an old KV75
  6. Hi to you all, Great looking forum, please do not ban me but i am a Kawasaki (sorry about swearing) man at heart but have just got my son a XT125x for his 17th birthday, it starts and seems to run ok but the seller told me that when it warms up it starts to smoke alot, i do not want to cause any damage by running it so what could it be and what should i be looking for. It has 8ooo miles on the clock. If it helps my 1st big bike was a RD250c in 1976 from Granby motors, (i wonder if that is still out there, RAU 65R)then a RD400c which i had beckett tuned by a local hero Terry Beckett.
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