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  1. hi all might be a stupid question but ive heard not to use this type of oil so was looking for some advice to see if using this type of oil on my bike will be fine and wont damage it or anything any help will be great thanks
  2. stunning bike mate really well done
  3. yeah was on the centre stand i even made sure it was on properly and on a flat surface i popped into the shop for 1 minute came out and was on the floor couldnt see anyone around that was my second thought but the wind was incredibly strong them few days so unfortunatly i had to for out for a £14 indicator
  4. hi sorry that the first quistion is a workshop quistion but when my bike is in neutral and the light comes on to say it is but half the time its not in neutral its in first and then obv stalls was just woundering if there is any reason for this or if anybody else's ybr does this any help be great cheers
  5. thanks guys yeah i know about the great british weather like a week ago only had it 2 weeks went into the shop and the wind blew the blooming thing over £14.00 on a new indicator haha
  6. i love it nice bike haven't hit 300 miles yet but i do love it
  7. hi all new to i suppose road bikes and just thought i would say hello , i have a brand new YBR 2010 and i love it i often go on the long way home on the way home etc its a very good bike, anymore ybr lovers out there ? so anyway thought id say hi and hopefully get to know you all soon cheers .
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