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    Yamaha XJ6S Diversion in Lava Red

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    Motorcycling, Moto GP, BSB, WSB and driving HGV's

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  1. Just been out for a ride, 1st of this year, bit wet though!

  2. Need to dust of the bike and head for Northwich Thundersprint later today!!!

  3. The Wirral Egg run is this Sunday 28th March 2010, Starts at 11.00am from New Brighton front and finishes at Claterbridge 45 ish minutes later, fun day out and a nice leisurely ride especially if you have a nervous pillion passenger! I would suggest you get to New Brighton well before 11.00 as there are other things going on plus it fills up early. I have riden it for a few years now and would recommend it because it raises money for local children. See you all there!
  4. Dav M

    Hi All

    Hello, and I am glad to be back, sold my TDM back in 2007, had two SV650S since and have just ordered a Lava Red XJ6S Diversion from our local Yamaha dealer, test rode it yesterday and now think the SV is a tractor!!! It all happened by accident, went to look at second hand bikes, one I had seen on their site had gone so was talking to the salesman who asked my budget and then informed me I could afford a new bike instead of a second hand one, so, after tormenting the missus, the deal was done, roll on Sunday and the Wirral Egg run the Sunday after (28th)!!!
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