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  1. is a compression tester something you can just buy, that wont cost too much? are they specific to 2 stroke engines or a universal thing? if my compression is too low, and i resort to top end rebuild, do you have any ideas how much a garage would charge or how much a kit would cost? thanks
  2. Thanks, I'll look over the cables and get back to ya, didnt think aboot power valve..
  3. Ok, I will get on the case of finding a compression tester. If i replace the piston ring, would it mean changing the piston too? Or not necessarily, depends on it's condition i suppose?? I suppose it could be a number of things, but I'm wondering if just replacing the ring would be worthwhile? sorry not too knowledgeable on this subject appreciate all the comments however
  4. ...but seriously..? It's bloody annoying not being able to overtake a ford transit VAN swiftly anymore on A roads...
  5. lol if only it was just pork pies.. perhaps i just shouldn't expect a single drop of reliability from a two stroke engine?!
  6. Hello Yamaha owners, 4 months ago I bought a very nice condition Yamaha DT125 R, 2004 plate. When bought, on the ride home, and for the first 2 months it was supremely quick to what I had been used to on my 50cc moped. It went way off speedo (an indicated 85mph), and popped up ferociously in first and second gear when given a lot of throttle. It came fully de-restricted, with full DEP system (de-restricted). I believe the rear sprocket was also 1 tooth less than the standard, before I changed it to a larger sprocket (by two teeth, resulting in my current rear sprocket 1 tooth larger t
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