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  1. Ok so finally got this sorted, what a bloody drama. So it seems that if you try and put 2 of these thigs on the bike it wont work? and if you leave any of the original horns in place and connected then it still wont work. BUT if you just attach the one horn and leave all the rest un-connected then the new horn will work (bugger) so I have just made an easy job difficult and bought 2 horns and a separate horn loom cos I did not do the obvious thing, So anyone want a Denali mini? and the loom for the airhorn that they sell cos I have both!

    Oh and I had the entire fairing off plus the time, about a week, just to find out I am a tit! 🤦‍♂️



  2. Ok thanks folks I never thought that something so simple could get so complicated. I have a mate who is an auto electrical engineer so I think I might just hand the job off to him to come up with a workable scheme. Then I will post what he's done on here so we can at least have a reference for when it happens to others. I did enjoy the posts tho, not often now that we get to have a chat about bikes and the problems we come up with and the solutions that we all have that differ from each other, a fused line and a relay being just 2 examples that I had completely forgotten to even think of! 🤦‍♂️

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  3. Yeah it comes with a little leaflet thingy that tells you it is a straight swap for your old horn and the + and - polarity! But sod all else of any actual use plus of course no one even suggests that it might not work cos the voltage is wrong!!! Sorry Jimmy but Denali say that they sell a "loom" which is in fact just 2 wires and some connectors, I can do better I think, plus I can measure only what I need and not have rolls of extra wiring dangling off the bike. Should be fairly simple and the idea of a relay and in-line fuse are good. Using the existing horn button is going to be a bonus as well.

  4. Thanks lads, that sounds like a plan, I have to confess it never occured to me that the new horns would need to be any different. Just goes to show your never to old to make a tit of yourself! Yeah a relay sounds like it might work a treat and I think I will use a non essential bit of wiring just in case it does go pop. I think the horn button is on the Neg side of the switch so I might actually run a single lead with 2 connectors direct from the battery (+ side) if all else fails and as you say I can then just re-instate the original horns if they fail. The tank is empty so no probs just whipping it off and running some new wiring across the top attached to the original loom to keep it neat.

  5. So as above I have bought a pair of these things for the FJR, my thinking being if you want loud go large. BUT what I did not realise is that the poxy things need 5.2volts to the horn NOT the 3.2volts that the bike provides for the standard horns through the loom! So you have to buy another bespoke loom from Denali to make them work (bugger). But my main problem is how do I make the existing horn button work with the new horns if I have to by-pass the existing loom? I have 4 connectors that go to the original horns and the horn button which is effectively just a breaker in the line to the horns, is it possible to use the horn button to power the new horns and if so how? Cos what I don't want is to have 2 horn buttons of which only one works cos a sure as shit when the time comes to use it I'm going to forget which one works and which one is redundant! Any insight to help me figure this out will be great-fully received. At the moment I can only get them to work if I connect them directly to the battery so they work ok with 12volts DC but sound like an anaemic donkey with the lower voltage delivered from the existing loom. Thanks all.

  6. NSD, just looked it up and it say's "The majority of unleaded 95 Octane petrol sold in the UK contains up to 5% ethanol as required under the Government's Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (RTFO). There is currently no requirement for renewable fuel (such as ethanol) to be present in super unleaded (97 grade petrol).

    SO it seems that 97 and up does not HAVE to have Ethanol in it BUT the owner of the petrol station can if they wish only supply fuel with Ethanol in it, and as it's cheaper than raw fuel then you can bet that they will only buy stuff that makes more profit for the owners of said stations. Also of course is the fact that Ethanol fuel actually gives you LESS mileage per gallon so you need to fill up more often, I have been told that 5% Ethanol is equivalent to 2 to 3 miles per gallon less than raw fuel!

  7. Ok so as I said in another post my bike is hibernating till April, but I really don't want to leave the tank full cos the crap they sell really does degrade over the winter, so just cos I can I thought how do I get the stuff left in it out? Last year saw me balancing the tank on my workmate while trying to drain the fuel into a fuel can all while it had 5 and a half gallons of fuel in it. So a few years ago I bought one of those oil drain vacuum thingies from Machine Mart or some such, it is only supposed to be oil that you use it on but if you don't think out side the box every now and then you end up in one! So I have managed to remove every last drop of fuel from the awkward thing all without getting my hands dirty. Just making sure that I washed it out with hot soapy water so it wont rot the seals and pipework in the vacuum pump. It's just a thought really and you might have already done this but thought it might be an idea for any of you out there that were suffering from the same problem. Oh and just make sure you have somewhere to put the fuel BEFORE you take it out (luckily my wife's car was half empty cos mines a diesel DOH!)

    Machine Mart do various sizes of these things but mine takes 6 litres.


    PELA 6000 - 6L Oil & Fluid Extractor £47.98.

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  8. Sad to see but it does seem that this has run it's course. I don't do this stuff on my phone, in fact I hardly ever use it. I was thinking it was just because it was the winter that no one was on here, my bike is hibernating and will be till April 2020 so I might look in here when the summer rolls round. Take care folks and hopefully see you out there!

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  9. Well I went to the bike show today, what a great day out that is, saw some really nice looking bike's and bought some spares for mine (oop's) and I saw the new Harley electric! (only there for 1 day?) at a mere 28 grand for the joy of 70 miles a charge, I'm sure to some it's a bargain! I think I might have actually dribbled on the new 916 Duke but I am old. Talked to a hotelier who organises bike tours of the Alps and got his number and email so looks like I'm going to Rome next year. :)

  10. Yep that's me, burning wreckage on the side of the hill. As my Dad told me once "keep your mouth shut and let them think your stupid don't open it and prove you are.



    But should that Be "YOUR" or YOU'RE" ?     😂

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  11. No your right and I can only say that it come's from another forum where it seemed that if you don't qualify your words "cripple" then some folks get grumpy and I'm afraid that I let it bleed over too here and that was my mistake for which I apologise.

    Related image

  12. Anyone going this year? 16th to the 20th November I think, thought I might as well go again cos if we do go to Italy then there might be some kit worth buying and they have some strange stalls there that don't seem to be found anywhere else plus year before last there was a stall for motorcycle TREKKING which might be worth a look. I might go on the 18th as it's a Monday and as I'm retired and old I can get a cripple parking space (I do have a blue badge) and a cheap ticket!


  13. I don't think range is going to be a problem really mate, there are going to be loads of fuel stations on whatever route you choose to take cos we are not the only daft buggers that do this sort of thing, plus as Bippo said she can carry a couple of those cans and I can stash a couple as well plus what ever you decide to hang off the bike we will look more like a transformer fuel bowser! As to the stops in Wales I at least had the chance to stop for a fag. And your bike being a "bit" heavy to wrestle around corners then try the FJR for a few hours, believe me when "they?" say it weighs nothing when your upright that's complete bollocks cos most of the time I like to be at least leaning half off the thing to go round corners and no one can say that's upright! If the wife's up for me going then I'm going whatever, would just be nice to have someone with me for when I need a moan about something.

  14. Just thinking about Cynic saying he had a low range on his new bike, so looked up what was out there to extend your range if your a bit too enthusiastic with the throttle! So I found this guy who, apart from the poxy music, seemed to have a couple of good ideas. If we do go for the "YOC does Italy" option this might work if we carried a couple just in case. Also it is illegal to carry a "soft" type of fuel bladder in the UK and Europe, or so I'm informed.


  15. Yeah I'm thinking 1 week poss 5 days and as to fuel it's not the north pole they do have fuel stations! But as Bippo said I can hang a gallon off the side and not even notice. In fact you can get soft fuel carriers that they use in Australia for the outback and they are available here as well tho they are not cheap.( Alex might be able to offer some help as he's in the colonies!) Anyway it seems some might be interested let's see how many others are thinking about it.

  16. Ok I'm game! Anyone fancy a trip to Italy next year? Those roads look awesome and the hotels are cheap enough (yes I'm old!) Shall we have a pole on who "might" be interested in  the "YOC does Italy"? Bippo can lead this time and not get a gob full of gravel and mud (yes I'm talking to you PAT!) :)

    (I might wish slice had his dodgy wheelbearings to give me a chance in the corners.) 

    Christ mate that bloody TDR is greased lightning around corners, my poor bloody FJR was wallowing like a whale trying to keep up! Plus the VMAX would be awesome on a trip like that.

  17. Well if it was me the first thing I would think would be it's a stolen recovered or a repo! Repo's are usually taken without the keys as the owner? usually tells them to "fuck off" when they come to take it away. If it has a new log book (V5) when you get it then call the previous owner and ask them why they got rid of it, if they tell you it's a repo then send it back. Otherwise things do get lost at dealerships and it might be an honest mistake.

  18. So finally got the bike finished, as I said before the wheel bearings were a tad knackered and I owe my MOT guy a beer! Did the fork stantion replacement and new fork springs tho that was a bit of a faff, I forgot that you have to fix the fork inner cartridge before you try to ram the seals in cos that way you fuck the new bearings and the inner components so what's another £80 when you think about it! Well it's finally done and next years ride out will see me not bouncing round corners like a horse on crack. So I'm off the road till April and then I'm thinking of doing the run down to Portugal again tho Bippo's story about the mountains in Italy has made me think about that instead. Might be fun to try those switch back roads with loads of corners, have to see what SWMBO has to say about that. Plus camping is NOT on the agenda so maybe the local hotel and hostels will fit right in with this idea.

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