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  1. Well been sold, I shall miss this tank of a bike, pretty near bullet proof engine and would rip your arms off if you were a bit over enthusiastic with the throttle, the guy who bought it has one anyway so said he might keep mine and sell his on. Wish him the best of luck whatever he decides to do.

  2. Added a few photos to the listing, loads of wiring broken and some rust that needs doing and a broken exhaust flange bolt, that will be a bugger to get out not the first one I have had so just patience and LOT'S of swearing will get it sorted. Bought the manual and now know what NOT to take off. An oil leak that should be easy enough to fix, 3 or 4 months work and it should be ready for the 2014 summer !!!

  3. Just got this today 04/12/2013 and I am quite chuffed with it runs and rides and even has tax on it which is a bit of a surprise as I bought it as spares and repairs off of ebay. Needs a few bits doing, front exhaust pipes are loose with one missing stud (broken off) and another one that is tight but still leaks makes it sound really rattly but should be an easyish fix.

    According to those that know (thanks Tasky) it's a 3CV model

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