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  1. Whats wrong with a sledge hammer and a chisel then?
  2. Love it, License Doh! LLisense Doh! Dont got one officer!
  3. Hi Ed, And welcome to the world of the big bike, not sure how much you really know about staying safe but keep your eyes on stalks and watch out for everything, the R6 is a really nice bike but it will bite you in the arse if you forget that it can spit you off even in a straight line if you are careless. Just take your time and learn SLOWLY what it can do don't try to race from the get go and you should be ok, go out with a mate and follow him/her until you start to feel a bit more confident, most bikers who crash are unwilling to listen to the phrase "go slow". Advanced rider courses are out there if you need them and for a few quid it might save your life, other than that enjoy your new toy and remember that the blue bit is up and the black bit is down.
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    Hi Alex, Thanks for that makes it all clear and well done with what you have done to the site. Ok first thing My bike is an XJ750, it's blue and yellow either under the name Martinread or MRR. I hope that helps with finding the right photos and if not please email me and I will do my best to get the info you need, email is [email protected] Martin.
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    Ok I see we now have a nice shiny new look to the site and it is an improvement over the original "BUT" where have my photos in the garage gone? Only 2 out of about a dozen that were there and sad to say I DO NOT have the originals. Can anyone tell me if I can get them back and how? HELP!
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    This is what it is now after 6 months work!!
  7. slice

    Yam XJ750-3.jpg

    This is what it did look like, HORRIBLE grey thing.
  8. Welcome to the YOC, nice to hear that I am not the only "old fart" still riding, grey hair don't mean you can't go fast it just means that when you fall off it hurts more and you feel a complete dick. Ride safe.
  9. slice

    Gay Test

    Been looking at this for 10 minutes and still want to know what bow are you on about? Bow front perhaps!
  10. slice

    1981 xj750

    What "EXACTLY" does it do? does it simply cut out or does it slowly get worse and worse, the coils can get tired after a few years and the HT leads get brittle with the heat + the plug caps can get tracking inside of them that will get worse over time. That is just for starters, so a more precise description of your problem would help with a diagnosis.
  11. Hi Paul and welcome to the YOC, this is the place to say Hi and not to ask for advice, see WORKSHOP, try again mate and someone might tell you what to do to sort out your problem, right now I suspect that your going to get a lot of grief about dipsticks
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    YOC T-shirt

    Nice one Paul, I'll have one (LARGE) pse. Just in case I DO NOT! want a tartan shell suit, got one hanging in the wardrobe now and can't find the right place to wear it. Tried it while riding the bike and kept getting stopped by the rozzers.
  13. Sounds like clutch drag, not enough adjustment, you should probably try a new cable if it hasn't been changed from new. Or put a spacer in front of the nipple at the engine end of the cable to see if that cures the problem before you buy a new cable. worst case is worn cluth friction plates, dont go there until you have tried everything else. Does it make a noise when you pull the clutch in with it in gear? graunchy metal to metal sound if not then probably just adjustment and not plates. Should also add that this is the new member section an not the "HELP MY BIKE DONT WORK" section, say Hi and then post in workshop or people will get stroppy. Nuf said!
  14. Hi, Try this for a start, if you don't have specific torque setting then this might help. 5mm @ 3.5 to 4.5Ft lb 6mm @ 6 to 9 Ft lb 8mm @ 13 to 18 Ft lb 10mm @ 22 to 29 12mm @ 36 to 43 These are just rough guides for the torques you need, they will pinch it up just enough so that they wont vibrate loose.
  15. Check why it is leaking, it may be scoring on the upper fork leg so check them BEFORE you fit the new seals as otherwise you will just tear the new ones as well, if you have pitting to the upper leg then use wire wool (fine) and some T-CUT to get it back as near to flat as possible, DO NOT use sand/emery paper on the chrome as you will have to get them rechromed if you do, as above beware that the spring is under pressure inside the stancion leg and it will take your eye out or your ear off, do exactly as it explains in the Haynes manual and you won't go far wrong but remember to lay out the parts as you take them out so you have a reference when you rebuild it,do one at a time other wise you will mix the bits up, grease every thing as you rebuild it and make sure that the fork seals are level as you push them home, a piece of pipe that fits just inside the fork leg is best so you can knock it home without twisting it. Other than that it's quite easy just remember to take your time, finally don't foget to put oil in the forks, sounds silly but if you rush it's the obvious things you forget. Good luck.
  16. Hi Flysig, It would be nice if you said Hi in the new members section otherwise people will get grumpy with you and ignore your request for help, it's usually people who want advise and then we never hear from them again! As to your problem why don't you try an exhaust bandage, usually comes in various lengths and can be screwed into place before it sets, you will have to use an electric heat gun if you want it to work properly as they can take hours to dry otherwise. Just wrap it around the exhaust (sorry) muffler, it won't be pretty but it will be cheap.
  17. Welcome to the YOC Starky, you luck sod, you have the best roads in the world and no one on them.
  18. Welcome to the YOC LS, nice little bike just take your time and stay safe. My tax disc is on the rear of the bike behind the foot peg, left hand side cos that's what it says in the rule book, if you don't display it you WILL get nicked, you can't even use a photo copy as it's against the law (yawn) to copy an official document, what you can do is buy one of those multi bolt jobbies that take forever to undo to stop the local scrote from nicking it. Ride safe, remember Black down Blue up.
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