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  1. Jimmy, try to move the con rod up and down to see how much play there is and if it moves where is it moving also look at the main bearings (crankshaft) to see if there is any play in that, there should be some small amount of movement in both but no more than a couple of thou, then look in your manual to see what it says about end float play and try to measure what you have compared to what it should be ( couple of thou is a guess) once you find out where the play is come back with the info and we will try to help out. Plus just because it sounds knocky from the back of the engine that don't mean that's where it's coming from so check both ends of the crank shaft, it might be an oil pump that is giving up the ghost and have nothing to do with the con rods or crank shaft. Good luck mate and let us know how it's going. Martin.
  2. Simon BEFORE you buy anything check the connectors on the CDI unit, when I checked mine last year the actual connectors were rotten and although they looked ok there was actually no wire between the connectors, I had to chop them all off and redo them. Plus 2 of the leaves? that form the connection inside the plastic surround were broken off completely.
  3. Columbos got my vote, and make the car test harder, anyone can pass it and then it's flat out in every gear, if your 17 and just passed your car test then the same as bike riders move up in power as you get better not straight onto some earth shattering monster. just in case you think I am biased I am 59 and had a car licence since I was 17 and a bike licence since I was 16 and the only time I was injured was on my bike (head full of wool female!) so DON'T ask bikers how to stay safe ask BLOODY motorists to stop using us as targets.,
  4. Hi gary welcome to the YOC, someone will have a theory about your problem if you get no reply to your first query try again. Nice intro.
  5. slice

    tight xs500 engine

    Hi Gary, First things first, it would be nice to have you use the new member section for an intro BEFORE you ask for advice, it's a bit like asking a stranger for help before you have introduced yourself, no one will talk to you until they know who you are and not just here for advice and then bugger off once you get what you want. So be nice and say Hi. P.S some one will know how to help out so be patient.
  6. Welcome to the YOC jimmy, Oh my what have you done? Still at least you like the bike and that's a start, don't know much about the XVS125 but they look cool. Next time you have a bevvy switch OFF the computer. Still good luck with the engine probably just needs a few parts and it will be sweet as a nut, big ends are easy to replace and you can get the crank reground so not a complete disaster, oh and thanks for giving me my first laugh of the day just off now to change my underwear.
  7. slice

    Yamaha RD530B

    Thanks again Mervin I will pass that on and see what comes back, also thanks for the link to the RD site very much appreciated lots of info and plenty of spares, I think I may have to sit him down before I show him the prices but you own an old bike you gotta pay the going rate for the bits! Martin.
  8. Hi Matt and welcome to the YOC, lots of people with Aerox on here so you should get as much info as you need. Ride safe.
  9. Hi, I think you may have missed the point of OGs comment, this section is to introduce your self, just like you would in the pub or on the side of the road, you wouldnt just rock up to someone and say "MY BIKES BROKE HOW DO I FIX IT?" would you? So say Hi and tell us where your from and what bike you have and then go to the "WORKSHOP" section and post your problem there, some one will know about your problem and get back to you with a fix or maybe your the first one to have this problem and so everyone will have a great time trying to work it out for you.
  10. slice

    Yamaha RD530B

    Thanks OG, Right you are Mervin thanks for the info will trot over to your site and have a look round, really much obliged for your input. Yes my mate has the V5 for it and the numbers are just what you see, I tried the net for a VIN decoder but every one seems to want 17 digit numbers, I think that is for late 80s bikes and so no good to me, if you might know someone who can give us some details I would be much obliged, was wondering if Yamaha Japan might help? Martin.
  11. slice

    Yamaha RD530B

    Hi All, I am looking for a set of exhausts for a RD350B anything considered as long as it is salvagable, my neighbour was "GIVEN" this by a mate who needed the room. The engine/frame numbers is 600422, this direct from the log book, any help in tracking these numbers for more info would be appreciated, anybody out there that might have ANY parts please give me a shout. Thanks. Martin.
  12. Hi Raj, Might be nice if you said a bit more! Where you from what you ride and any thing else that comes to mind, other than that welcome to the YOC.
  13. Welcome jealy always nice to meet new people and talk about bikes, remember blue up black down.
  14. No apology necssary, like most forums it's just nice to have an introduction first, good luck with your query.
  15. Bad luck Billy, post a picture if you have one, some one will see it and get it back for you, hopefully the scrote who took it will die horribly!
  16. Wiring is ALWAYS a horror on these bloody things, if you need help just ask, look at my xj in the garage and you will see what a mares nest they can be.
  17. Hi little j, Seat should have 2 levers at the back under where the pillion sits or lock device on near side and single spring loaded lever on the same side, pull lever(s) back and lift,easy really if you know, if you want any diagrams let me know and I will copy some to you, got the original and Haynes manuals.
  18. Hi Chambo, It would be nice if you said Hi FIRST then asked for advice (NOOB SECTION) sure someone will have what you want if you ask nicely. P.S YES it does matter how you tighten the brakes up they are the ONLY thing that stops you from dying or becoming a bonnet ornament.
  19. Hi, You might get more help if you sign in and introduce your self (NOOB section) tell us who you are and where your from, NOT Hi I have this bike ? and it dont work help me! Only polite really to say Hi before asking for assistance. Just like you would on the side of the road.
  20. Men in sheds, what will they think of next? bloody amazing.
  21. The idea of draining the carbs had not occured to me (thanks) plus filling the tank so no air is a good idea as well, so many ideas about fuel who would have thought it? The reason I have laid the bike up so early is that I am off to sunny Australia to visit my brother and will not need the bike for a good few weeks, any ideas about riding in Aus would be appreciated as I intend to buy a bike for when I am out there and go off on a bit of a ride about, bikes are really expensive out there so I will leave my Bro to sell it on when I come back. Going to the Nulabor plain and Ayers rock (ULARU I think it's called ) and lots of desert/highway cruising 3 or 4 weeks of sun scorpions crocodilles and spiders should do me. If any of you have riden out there I would appreciate any advice you might have about what NOT to do.
  22. Hi Sianny and welcome to the YOC, It might be better if you use this part of the forum to tell everyone who you are and where your from THEN ask your question in the "WORKSHOP" section of the site, people can (and will) get grumpy if you don't ask the questions in the right order, ie I'm new now help me! Some one will have a fix for your problem just ask in the right place.
  23. Hi Littlej, Welcome to the YOC, I have an XJ and the US SECA both 750s and parts aren't a problem, loads of them about in all sorts of conditions, the only thing really wrong with them is the wiring (least that's what I have found) complete crap and takes hours to sort the smallest problem out but old bikes need more care than new ones. Lots of good advice on this site and most of the people are more than willing to help out just don't take what they say to heart as they can be a bit unforgiving, especially when you ask (what they think) are daft questions, if you can't find it in the book then ask but not before . Good luck with your new? bike.
  24. Hi Welcome to the YOC, I'm in Stroud so not far from you, nice to have some one nearby for a change, most seem to be from Scotland, West country or the Midddle lands. PS Ok I suppose if your desperate for a pasty or a slice of sheep intestines! (ONLY JOKING OK!)
  25. Welcome to the YOC Sam, best roads in the world in bonnie scotland but weather is F****ing awful.
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