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  1. WHAT? It helps if you actually talk in whole sentences..! I suspect that your looking for the Philippines site not this one. Look here ----- http://langyaw.com/2008/02/14/doing-the-luzon-visayas-loop-a-masochists-trip/
  2. Well it's not all bad news Alex, I at least can now use the site, had a few weeks there when I could not sign in or even see the site. Thanks mate.
  3. It's a long time since I owned a 2 stroke but that sounds like an end bearing to me ! Either crank case or big end, too deep a sound to be a small end I reckon, fraid it's gotta come apart again. I know you don't want to do it but it's either that or a long walk home from where it detonates.
  4. slice

    MT09 2015 advice

    That's the problem with buying an older bike Alex, you think "now what do I really need" and the next thing you know your knee deep in making it like the new one. Simple answer really do you like fettling with the bike? then buy the older one if not then buy the new one, at least with the new one you keep your hands clean.!
  5. On my FJR I have the same problem, most bikes do, I fitted a switch to the fairing and when it get's towards hot just flick the switch to turn the fan on. Saves a lot of faffing around with new thermostats and thermo switches plus you can test the fan without running the bike..! Just a suggestion, you might be happy to sod around with new bit's of kit and who am I to spoil your fun?
  6. Hi David welcome to the YOC, Jimmy's right they are all out to get you, watch out for BMW and AUDI drivers, it's a mark of how manly they are to race a bike, any bike.!
  7. slice

    XJR1300 for sale

    I'll give you a carrot 2 bags of apples and lessons in HOW TO GO ROUND CORNERS! Glad your home safe and sound mate, till next time.
  8. Well made it home ok folks, thanks for everything Finnerz your a star mate. Great time had by all I think well except for the obvious (you had to be there..!) hotel was basic but the beer was drinkable and the singing was awful!!! What a beautiful place that is, never even knew about it till I was riding through it, hills valleys TINY LITTLE FUCKING ROADS not made for an FJR bends to dream about when the winter comes. Thanks lads I really enjoyed your company and conversation, is swearing conversation? oh well whatever it was fun.
  9. Should be there about 5 o/c so time to sign in and find the bar..!
  10. slice


    Hi Chris, welcome to the YOC, Good luck with your CBT mate, your right to be cautious "THEY" are out to get you..! Take your time don't lose your temper and don't ride it like you stole it, it will all come back to you.
  11. Alex. for some reason IE is now working again! Whatever it was you did "Thank you".
  12. Hi Alex, finally got it to work, tried every browser out there and Chrome seems to be the best of them (not saying much really) but it hangs like a bastard every now and then and still have a problem actually writing a reply to any subject, just a blank (grayed out) at the bottom of the page, it usually takes 2 or 3 goes to get it to "submit reply" properly.
  13. Hi Folks, finally been able to get back on to the site! For some reason I could sign in but then nothing.. Talked to Alex and he suggested a new browser but it still hangs and f***s about. Anyway just asking about the weekend away I will get there about 3 o/c on Friday but not sure if I have a room or not, any help folks, who do I ask if the room has been booked or not? It's a long way to go and find your sleeping under the bike (been there done that..!)
  14. Hi Flavio, welcome to the YOC.
  15. Hi and welcome back.
  16. Hi Geoff, welcome to the YOC.
  17. Hi Per, welcome to the YOC, You be careful mate us old farts don't bounce like we used to..!
  18. Malky don't buy the auto adjusted rear suspension version of the FJR if it goes wrong the bill starts at £5 grand.
  19. slice

    Yamaha Niken

    You been living on the moon Alex? thing has been around for a while now, at least it doesn't have a fat arse like a trike..!
  20. see photos they are nearly all in the same place. Some on a plate some stamped into the frame head stock, see photo 1 for location.
  21. Oh well done on getting an engine really quick, sounds like you had this idea it was toast before you asked. Anyway in your position I would just check that the oil pump on your original engine is in fact the problem, you might just have to swap out the oil pump rather than trash the whole engine and then you will not need to change the V5 and docs. It sometimes makes sense to do a bit more work and get it right rather than rush at it and regret it later. Just sayin..! A top end swap and oil pump change should be about the same as taking the whole thing out and replacing it. By the way just check on your original engine that the oil-ways from the pump to the head aren't blocked by old oil and crud, it might be an easy fix and not the pump at all. Some folks (especially the younger ones) don't change the oil as often as they should and 125s are likely to be hammered by their owners.
  22. Yeah that would be my best guess as to the problem, it sounds like a lack of oil to the head which has caused your problem, you might be lucky and save the head and valve gear but if it's really badly scored then you might be looking at a replacement head and valve gear. Your only option now is to take the motor apart and check the oil pump and gears, sorry mate but it does sound like your in for a major overhaul of the motor. Where are you in the world? we might have someone near who can help..!
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