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  1. slice

    What’s comfier than a BMW R1200ST?

    Malky don't buy the auto adjusted rear suspension version of the FJR if it goes wrong the bill starts at £5 grand.
  2. slice

    Yamaha Niken

    You been living on the moon Alex? thing has been around for a while now, at least it doesn't have a fat arse like a trike..!
  3. slice

    Hi New member here!

    Hi Luke, welcome to the YOC.
  4. slice

    2 stroke lover. New to the site!

    Hi Parker, welcome to the YOC.
  5. slice

    Finding vin numbers

    see photos they are nearly all in the same place. Some on a plate some stamped into the frame head stock, see photo 1 for location.
  6. slice

    Yamaha Sr 125 Siezed

    Oh well done on getting an engine really quick, sounds like you had this idea it was toast before you asked. Anyway in your position I would just check that the oil pump on your original engine is in fact the problem, you might just have to swap out the oil pump rather than trash the whole engine and then you will not need to change the V5 and docs. It sometimes makes sense to do a bit more work and get it right rather than rush at it and regret it later. Just sayin..! A top end swap and oil pump change should be about the same as taking the whole thing out and replacing it. By the way just check on your original engine that the oil-ways from the pump to the head aren't blocked by old oil and crud, it might be an easy fix and not the pump at all. Some folks (especially the younger ones) don't change the oil as often as they should and 125s are likely to be hammered by their owners.
  7. slice

    Yamaha Sr 125 Siezed

    Yeah that would be my best guess as to the problem, it sounds like a lack of oil to the head which has caused your problem, you might be lucky and save the head and valve gear but if it's really badly scored then you might be looking at a replacement head and valve gear. Your only option now is to take the motor apart and check the oil pump and gears, sorry mate but it does sound like your in for a major overhaul of the motor. Where are you in the world? we might have someone near who can help..!
  8. slice

    Yamaha Sr 125 Siezed

    What we need to know really is 1 Is there still oil in it? 2 What was the reason for you removing the cases before it locked up? 3 The reason Cynic asked the question was there has to be a reason for doing 4 oil changes and it might help if you told us why, You see it's really difficult to say what the problem NOW is if you don't tell us what you needed to do to it that meant you had to change the oil 4 times..! PS the engine will only lock up for a few good reasons, No oil (lubrication) No water (cooling) broken component. Lots of other reasons lead up to a failure but none of them start without the first 3.
  9. slice

    hello new girl here

    Hi Katt, welcome to the YOC.
  10. slice

    2008 MT03 blurred vision vibration issues

    Look up most any write up on these things and you will get "Great bike, lot's of fun, but anything over 60 is a vibe fest" even to the point of one writer saying he lost vision when it got so bad, my best guess, this is how they come out of the factory. Go figure, but without doubt most riders love them.
  11. slice

    Looking for my old xvs FM56URA

    I can tell you it was MOT'd 26th April this year so it's still out and about and it has almost 20 thousand miles on the clock. Sorry can't be of more help. But I was wondering if you happen to know a really friendly MOT tester and you gave him the number of the test certificate he "MIGHT" be able to give you an idea of whereabouts it was tested and the tester might know where the present owner lives. Bit complicated and requires a lot of luck but worth a try if your desperate..! MOT test number is 2084 3915 0635
  12. slice

    Girl on a single! Hello!

    Hi and Welcome to the YOC.
  13. slice

    2008 MT03 blurred vision vibration issues

    Sorry but that's the way it is. Lot's of write-ups about this bike and ALL of them mention the vibby ride especially at anything above 60mph. Best advice buy a set of "grip puppies" for the bars, they make the bar a bit wide but do damp down the vibs on most bikes, a better and cheaper seat option is a good thick fleece to rest your bum on and the added bonus of a lot less numb bum on distance riding. Others will be along soon to offer better and cheaper options so just watch this space.
  14. slice

    Tell spring has sproinged

    1st long run of the year today, down to see my Mum in Portsmouth. I kid you not my face aches from the grin I had, no more stopping in traffic just "excuse me" happy bastard coming through.
  15. slice

    Hello I'm new.

    Hi Alistair, welcome to the YOC.
  16. slice

    Valve shim clearance FZ600

    OOOOHHHHH CREEPY that's going to be remembered..!
  17. slice

    MT-07 emergency lights issue

    Hi Jacob, you need a resistor in the power line to the indicator relay as the LED lights don't draw enough wattage to make the indicator blink. Look up "LED indicator resistor" on google and see what comes up. follow this link http://www.ebay.co.uk/gds/Load-resistors-for-LED-indicator-bulb-replacement-/10000000010344226/g.html Also say Hello in the new members section it helps if your not a one hit wonder. Just sayin..!
  18. slice


    Hi David, welcome to the YOC. As to the best way of finding out what it's worth with or without the chrome done, find out what a good thoroughly restored one is worth, cost out what it will be to re-chrome yours and there's your answer.
  19. slice

    New member RS200 café racer

    It's always pretty subjective what a bike will fetch especially after you have chopped and changed it, you have made the bike YOU want someone else might think it's better to buy another original one and do their own. Just sayin..!
  20. slice

    FZ and XJ Parts interchange and Compatibility?

    Hi Daniel, this post is 9 years old so I doubt your going to get a reply..! Try a new thread. Right after you say hello in the new members section..!
  21. slice

    Canadian Newbie

    Hi Adam, welcome to the YOC.
  22. slice

    Y.O.C. 2018 meet,

    Yeah me to, Do you want me to book my own room (2 nights) or shall I send the money off to you? By the way Finnerz thanks for all your effort mate, much appreciated. PS Tommy Kev and I are just good friends...!
  23. slice

    Y.O.C. 2018 meet,

    That looks a nice place Finnerz, I'm for the room option tho..!
  24. slice

    new guy fromireland

    Hi John, welcome to the YOC.
  25. slice

    bike wont start

    Not too sure but does it have a TILT switch on the Diversion? If a bike with a tilt switch is dropped or the battery get's low the tilt switch needs to be reset before the bike can be restarted. Tho I'm not sure what year they started to use these..!