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  1. Sorry Sniff I have to agree with "oldfjman" here, your not being fair to the SJW's out there who will get offended in being a part of the "ball less majority". By the way I now self identify as a SPITFIRE in a non binary gender sense of the term..!
  2. And we will all be there with the cameras running this time Tommy..!
  3. You may not have noticed but this thread is 8 years old. Try setting up another NEW thread in the Workshop section. Right after saying Hello in the new members section (hint).
  4. I had a quick look and it seems your right, only fairings for earlier versions of your bike seem to be available. There were a few for the 2016 variant but still not your year, I bet it's cos most folks are content with a "new" supplied fairing and very few want to change it this early in the owning process. But if your determined to do it then contact Yamaha direct in the UK and ask them if an earlier version will fit, my gut feeling is probably it will but it's a shit load of money to shell out till you can say for certain. Try here for Yam contact details. https://www.yamaha-motor.eu/gb/en/contact/
  5. Sounds great to me, lovely roads in your area. If you have the post code then we can have a look on google maps. thanks mate your a star.
  6. That looks lovely mate, well done you. For an old bike they have a real presence, I love my FJR but miss the FJ all that low down grunt is something you have to experience to believe.
  7. Well usually they go out from the throttle round the head stock and under the front of the tank then dip down onto the top of the carb or injector connector. BUT don't force it whatever you do, it must be a smooth run from end to end without any kinks or severe bends. Get it right no problem get it wrong and you can't shut the throttle, not something to fuck with if your not certain, go to you local bike shop and get them to do it if your unsure. PS say hello in the new members section, it helps if you introduce yourself. Just sayin..!
  8. slice

    Please help

    Do you have the manual for the bike? it really helps if you know what should be happening from there. don't matter how any new/used parts you buy do you know the basics of fixing it? You have been riding it for 5 years then we assume you have serviced it and done all the usual checks so as above the battery and the wiring are your first port of call for this sort of problem. Take the starter motor off and test it on the bench, you can get a set of replacement brushes for about a tenner from any bike supplier, the brushes wear down and it is impossible to start the bike as the motor won't turn over.
  9. Sorry to state the obvious but it's only worth what someone will pay for it, sounds trite I know but no matter how much money you throw at a bike it will never return the investment. Look up similar or the same bike on EBAY, that will give you a rough idea at the selling price they reach, don't matter how much you want for it it's only worth what others are fetching. Yours might be concourse condition and have every original part plus service and repair bills and low mileage then you MIGHT get a bit more but don't hold your breath waiting for a buyer. There's a 1976 Dt on EBAY at the moment for £3250 but it's a trader so knock off 10% for the haggling involved so around £3 grand plus he will do the first year or whatever for the guarantee period. Try it at that price and see, you never know how these things will go.
  10. Last one was brill, thanks mate. How about down south somewhere or Devon - Cornwall area? Wales has some great roads as well mind you it pisses down with rain every 5 minutes but the bits in between are nice..! Only one thing for me really (yeah get it over with soft southern git) gotta be a B+B or hotel nearby.
  11. I was never old enough to actually use the original White Fiver but remember seeing one, it looked like someone unfolding a bed sheet from their wallet..!
  12. Thank you all for your kind words and support, was feeling really hard done by when I got home, every bugger out there was after me..! What's the old saying? "It's not that your paranoid but are you paranoid enough".
  13. So I'm off to see my Mum down in Portsmouth, about 150 odd miles so takes me about 2+ hours to get there from home, I leave the house and not more than 1/2 a mile from home this bloody woman who is following her friend home from dropping off the kids at school apparently and does not want to loose her turns right across in front of me, big black line from the rear wheel down the road and I'm jammed inside the front wheel arch, this while she explains the story of how we arrived at this moment. I am still trying to hold the bike upright while she goes on about this, if you didn't laugh you would not credit it..! NO "sorry mate my fault" just an explanation of how I have made her loose sight of her "NEW" friend. I'm on my way home and I arrive at a set of traffic lights to find a broken down truck blocking the outside lane, + police car helping to direct traffic from the cake shop on the corner? I stay in the right outer lane and squeeze past the truck and the traffic on the near side which has all had to pull over to the left lane to get by, I leave the lights and find a Merc trying to use me an ornament on his bonnet cos apparently I didn't have any right to use "HIS" side of the road when he had to pull over like everyone else, really you couldn't make this shit up could you? I'm now on the A34 just passed Newbury and on the home stretch to the M4 when this young woman who I am overtaking just pulls over into my lane, I'm on the edge of the barriers with the horn blaring plus shouting where the fuck do you think I'm supposed to go when she just keeps going I have nowhere to go car behind car in front and this tit trying to squeeze muggings here into a crash barrier. Apparently I'm supposed to vanish into thin air when she decides it's ok to merge with other traffic. Is it just me or are people just getting worse? I really don't remember when it was as bad as this and it's always the bikers fault..! Fuck it... Had my moan, feel better now..!
  14. It's got to be fuel or electrical, can't be anything else really, simple things first try leaving the tank filler open when you start it might be a blocked tank vent, try some NEW coils they do break down and can give good service when cold but stutter and fail when warmed up, check your fuel filter under the tank that can get bunged up as well plus the tank tap pipes can get loose and let air in so that's another thing to check, other than that you seem to have sorted most of the other stuff I would suggest. good luck, come back if some or none of that works and we can have another think about it.
  15. You cheeky bugger ..! Your not wrong tho, I remember when you could buy a bag of chips and two seats in the cinema and get change for a pound..!
  16. Hi Lee, well to be honest it rather depends on what you want to do with it really, are you going to ride it or just do it up and sell it. If it was me and I just want the cash then flog it to someone who will enjoy it after they get it going, the time taken to get the parts and the time to actually get it running is probably more than it's worth.
  17. Well to be honest I didn't know if these came as a separate item either but having looked it up on the net there seem to be hundreds of them for sale from 10 to 18mm in size, just type in what you want and "Roberts your fathers brother" as they say..! Found this https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/shopping?q=tbn:ANd9GcS2UqPe_4s4LNGNpYVnoATGp1l4O6t6VWsPxdsbd6jr4A7-at8aNVcTRJAsLQ1siA7ex1F6vhs&usqp=CAE And this https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=Front+Brake+Master+Cylinder+-1997+XVS+sight+glass&source=lnms&tbm=shop&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiopeG00r_dAhVVFMAKHfM2AXMQ_AUIDigB&biw=1920&bih=877#spd=4082561139258610062&spf=1537105038773 In about 2 minutes of looking, I typed in "Front Brake Master Cylinder -1997 XVS sight glass" give it a try and see what comes up.
  18. There are loads of sites out there that give you the code readouts yours is ;- Fault code 19 - No signal from ignition to ecu. So check the wiring from the ignition to the ECU and see if you have a broken or rusty joint.
  19. Hi there, ok it seems your dealer is correct and in fact that's not a bad price, this is a rough estimate of a common price for this part £335. I would go down the route of getting the part from a broken bike, be aware tho that you can get these in KPH and MPH so make sure you get the right one. I'm pretty sure that you CAN'T switch between the two as it seems they come in kph or mph only. Looks like it ONLY comes as a complete unit as well so there is nothing you can swap out from one to the other. Look here, it says all you need to know. https://www.oemmotorparts.com/oem5.asp?M=Yamaha&T=YZF%20R%20%20125&Y=2012&L=YZF_R_125-2&O=METER&F=YA-YZF_R_125-2-Z-J25&L2=YA-YZF_R_125-2-Z-J25
  20. The starter motor has very little to do with actually starting the bike, sounds odd I know but all it does is turn the engine over, so if your motor turns over when you hit the button then there is nothing wrong with it, there are 3 things you need to make the bike engine run AIR FUEL and POWER nothing else matters. So check Carbs Tank and fuel lines then Air box and air filter after that check that you have a spark to the coils and plugs. Unfortunately you can only do this when it WON'T start as it sounds like the problem only occurs when it's hot. My best bet fuel starvation, try taking the fuel cap off of the tank when It does this. Might work but it will be something simple.
  21. There are loads of "how to's" on youtube. just find the one your most comfortable with and have at it, this guy is setting up a set of floats but the principle is the same.
  22. Thanks fellas, yes I think your right Cynic the bolt was their fault but truth be told if they hadn't broken it I probably would have when I did it so not really to concerned about paying for it. Your right Drewpy it's about time and I have other things that need doing so not really a problem just felt like having a moan..! Will be nice to get the bike back tho, the garage feels really empty without it sitting there.
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