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  1. God it's been so long and I have to admit I have had a big life change over the last 6 month due to a house move and renovation. Xt250 I'm ok with but only just by memory as I have only restored my lads xt 250 which he has sold on but I can but try and help . Do you have any pictures of the exhaust. TTB
  2. Been working on a long time project that i bought about 5 years ago but never materialised until i managed to buy a rare low slung exhaust, so i did all the dry run on this one buying parts and gradually building the bike up until it was all done and ready for a full resto. So now i have the bike registered and road legal and its awesome hope you guys like the pictures. TTB
  3. What are you after Mervin, no RD200 or 400 stuff left. TTB
  4. Im not sure but i have a dt or XT clock base its plastic but dont think there are any part number stamps so will need some cross reference checking. XT250 exhaust well the last one i bought came from the states TTB
  5. I use the zedder program and over the years found it very useful , saying that most of the DT , TT and XT's have been from the states. TTB
  6. If the bike is a DTmx then there should be a lighting coil already on the stator plate, if the motor is a YZ then thats different. I would look for a wiring harness for a DT250MX, if you look at CMSLN website on there pdf parts list and cross reference the lighting coil part numbers against other models. TTB
  7. I had one when i was 15 and yes they were slow, slower than slow, still had a charm for me though.
  8. Rather have a nice XT500 , i do have a TY50P with only 1 mile on the clock and never registered. I cant use it and its only an ornament but still looks good. TTB
  9. Well i just thought i would share the latest creation, its a bit of a mongrel really and registered on a Q plate, the plan was to use some 360MX rims on a set of TT500 hubs, forks are YZ425 with XT500 bottoms , 16" rear shocks and a YZ rear mudguard together with TT headlight and an after tail light, 36mm carb and full supertrapp which certainly barks. I need to recover the seat which is next on the list. Cant wait to find out how this one goes. TTB
  10. Just got in load of cables, pm me if there's something on the list you want. TTB Yamaha list 2T4-26311-02 252-83550-01 RD200 212-26311-00 437-83550-01 DT175 5H0-26311-01 1A0-26260-00 RD400 2 OFF 1E7-26311-02 1E7-26260-00 2N3-26311-00 1E8-26260-00 RD200 337-26312-00 538-26321-00 TY50P 397-26312-01 207-26312-00 354-26311-02 DT50 6 OFF 1Y0-26341-00 5 OFF 394-26311-10 354-83550-10 TY50P 2L0-83550-00 4L0-83550-00 2J2-83550-00 4U5-83550-00 283-29335-10 353-26335-01 5J0-26335-01 360-26335-00 RD250 2 OFF 354-26311-02 354-26341-01 TY50P 2 OFF 1Y9-26341-00 1U4-26335-00 1A0-26335-01 RD400 5J0-26335-00 451-26335-01 354-26311-02 2 OFF 283-26335-10 397-26335-00 RD200 2 OFF 497-26341-01 596-26311-20 5J0-26311-01 DT50 2 OFF 3L6-83550-00 2 OFF 559-26335-00 DT175 212-26311-00 1V1-83550-00 2L0-83550-00 1Y0-26341-00 3H6-83550-00 10W-26335-00 212-26311-00 481-26335-10 RD50 443-17926-10 207-26312-00 183-26312-00 2 OFF 1Y1-26335-00 2 OFF 283-26335-10 137-26331-11 126-26311-01 YE1F 353-26311-01 TY50P 481-83560-01 212-26311-00 2 OFF
  11. Sounds like a DT250 A , have you checked behind the magneto , 250 and 360 have a tendency of rusting due to condensation. Its also well worth checking the carb and making sure the jets are clean and the floats are the correct way round and the levels are correct. TTB
  12. Dont believe that , there is a lip on some engines but i have never seen a hole in the case, whats behind the hole anyway. TTB
  13. That looks bad and would guess that someone has broken the piece off, only option is a new casing or patch it. TTB
  14. There is a way of picking the lock, done this a few times on my XT frames, ones the lock is out there is a key number on the top flat section that corresponds with the key number you need. TTB
  15. Bit of brazing work and some tin bashing should be able to sort out both the seat base and the small triangular piece. You never know what may show up this weekend.
  16. TTB Im also at Stafford on Saturday on the hunt. TTB
  17. Sounds like fuel starvation to me, or there maybe a hole in the diaphram on the 2nd carb. TTB
  18. Its a MX360 , just got a long range tank. Take note of the Takasago mud catcher rims.
  19. Theres a good chance the pin is worn but you may also find the shock bush is also worn. , i had to replace my lads on his XT250 resto. TTB
  20. Well done for being in the mag, good feeling aint it. TTB
  21. Hi Yes there is this one first as its an old resto now and well run in. http://www.xt500.co/arizona-dog-t2511.html I have also finished these 2 as well. http://www.xt500.co/tommy-s-tt500-t657.html http://www.xt500.co/viewtopic.php?f=65&t=2103&hilit=dakar%20bike Good reading. TTB
  22. Yes certainly looks like an E, you have quite a few bit missing looking at it , i restored mine about 5 years ago now but now it lives in Germany with its new owner. http://s271.photobucket.com/user/markcoppersmih/library/Yamaha%20DT1?sort=3&page=1 TTB
  23. Glad you like it , it rides great on and off road even with 5 gallons of fuel in the tank, even then it should take another 4 gallons. Here are a few more pictures now its done and ready for Hay on Wye XT500 meet next week. I just love it and far better for me than building a cafe racer which was my original plan. TTB
  24. Got a video and when i get time i will take some pics in the daylight. TTB
  25. Well this is going for mot tomorrow , i also put in 3 gallons of fuel tonight and it only just covered the petrol tap feed pipes. TTB
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