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    Hi, I restored it last year, took me 7 months and a bit of money but it looks well! When I finished it I realised I had,nt done my test! So went and did that. But got a Cagiva Canyon 500 off my brother, got the bike bug now, so looking for some thing bigger. So the poor old DT is in the garage covered up with a sheet.
  2. Wullie

    Pictures too big

    Thanks for all advice, I,ll give it a go soon. Heading to work now.
  3. Wullie

    Pictures too big

    Aye, sound like sense, there must be an app for that!!!
  4. Hi all, I,m trying to put some pictures on my bike page but it sed they are too big to load? I took them on my mobile phone so didnt think there would be a problem. Any body got any idea,s? thanks Wullie
  5. Thanks anyway, I would ask Redrose if I new how he was!!
  6. Hi, The cable is driving from the hub ok, the fualt is in the speedo itself. dont think theres much wrong with it, if you hold it at the rite angle & spin the cable it works but if you hold it the other way it wont!! Do you know of any one that repairs them in the UK?
  7. Hi all, I,v just finished a rebuild on my 1977 DT 175. Its all going not too bad, but the speedos not working. I,v checked the cable and the drive all seems to be working the fault seem to be in the clock. When I turn it by hand it some times works. The thing is, can you take them to bits to check inside? Any advise would be good. Thanks Wullie
  8. Wullie


    Thanks for that. I,ll keep lookin!!!
  9. Wullie


    Hi, I,m new to all this so please bare with me. I rebiulding a 1977 DT 175 but I,m having trouble geting hold of a silencer for it. There was,nt one with it when I got it. Has anybody got any idears as where I could get one? I.v been watching ebay & theres loads for 125, are they the same size or could you modify one to fix? Any help would be great. Thanks Wullie
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