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  1. One thing I would like to make clear again is that not everyone on the road is experianced enough to over come understeering through a horse shite. It could have been my mate on his aprilia sr50 with smaller slicker road tyres. That would have been a worse situation. Would anyone agree with me that it was abit selfish for them not to scoop it away and help prevent a serious accident? They do it in the field, why not on the road were people on bikes are And for the record, I know leaves / rain and also a problem, but they cant be overcome. Horse shite can be, so it should be delt with.
  2. Oh well, sorry for having my own opinion
  3. Gas up - Let's Go I have read your lengthy and detailed reply, and with all respect, I still stand by original point and I still belive horses should not be allowed on a public road.
  4. Yeah, its just a shame how I nearly have a serious accident due to their ignorance. Had I came off, broken arm, leg, I would have been there all night, mum worryed sick, no more bike, collage ect. Even if they scooped it up and threw it to the side of the road, but obviously thats too much to ask
  5. CardBoardDave Had that been two loons on dirt bikes, they would have had a right rogering from the cops, 6 points before they have even got their license, had to wait till their 18 to do any sort of lessons, and probably a big fine aswell. I think horses are associated with royalty ect, queens horse drawn carriage comes to mind. Suddenly no-one gives a toss. Chill pill taken
  6. Could you tell who ever had a play with the electrics that? Dont know what happened there, just aslong as its goinh
  7. Well I had been looking for one for about 3 months before this one came up, even then it was 100 miles Had stupid thoughts about getting something pish for this one year, then a nice 125 when im 17, but I just couldnt put up with a ned ped for a year. Your only 16 once
  8. 20mph over a wet pile of shite on anything isnt going to go too well
  9. Oh god were do I begin. They dont pay road tax, yet they have signs made up for them to tell drivers that they are about, thats got to cost a fair few bob right? To my knowledge, they dont have any insurance if they are in an accident with a vehicle. No anual MOT check, so it could suddenly collapse at any moment. They travel about about negitive 10mph. They require you to slow down to pritty much a stop while passing them with the eivl look they give you. Dog owners are required to pick up their dog`s shite, or are fined 80 quid. Horse shit is about 10 times the size, yet arent required to do anything about it if some plops out onto the road.... ....which resluted me almost falling off last night! Dark single lane back road, came round a tight ish corner, appropriate speed, then smush. Understeered for about half a meter, foot went down to hold the bike up, bloody hell did I get a fright. Next time I pass one, im going to drop a gear and give it large, absolutely hate them, keep it in the fields!! Had to get that off my chest thanks for reading.
  10. Aye, cant stand new 50cc bikes. Far too expensive, mostly twist and go, and look crap My dt just suits me to the ground ken
  11. haha The problems are sorted now. Main one was none of the electrics were working, apart from the headlight. This was because the red positive wire had corroded off underneath the ignition barrel, a bastard of a job becuase the contact point wouldnt take solder, so had to melt the original 26 year old solder which took an age. And a slipping clutch that went down to the cable.....a leaking carb due to a fooked bowl gasket, and an exhaust gasket. Anyway, its all good now
  12. Hey there. Im Derek, im 16, from Aberdeen (shire), and Ive just started using my 1984 DT50MX on the road Had a few teething problems with it so far, nothing a few nights alone in the garage couldnt sort. Someone had dumped a ghetto blaster in a quarry not far from me, so I took it, full of water, but it now works! Might strap it to my granny rack when I get some batterys for it lol
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