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  1. Sorry I never replied, been away from here for a bit... the bike is running as it should now , was worth it for sure! been riding it loads! But I'm now actually selling it and looking to get a xv1100 off a mate of mine ( so sorry fuff66uk to get the exhaust you'll have to get the bike with it... lol) my mate will sell his bike after August so there's no point for me to spend any more money on this bike(exhaust), I'm now thinking about my new project ...
  2. Hi m8, no i din't find anything yet, most on ebay are not great and expensive...new it too expensive!... but when i change them i will let you know.
  3. Finally got my bike running right! , the problem was the top of the hair filter cap, previous owner drilled a few holes on the top of the cap( I'm guessing to let more air in due to the bike running rich due to carb problems before i bought it) replaced the cap and its perfect now. so would like to say thanks for everyones help.
  4. hi m8, I have talked to another mechanic (Yamaha garage), and they've told me to do the same we've already done, they've gave me the same advice as well given here... upgrade/ change the jets because of the straight trough exhaust, but seeing that i want to change them to standard ones i don't see the point of doing it! It is very annoying that every time i get something done some thing else goes wrong! I've spend a bit of money to make it look better than it was when i bought it... just need to get it to run like it should now... AB
  5. Hi oldgitonabike , that's what I've done today... I dont know what you call them(pod, side covers???its the chrome things) ... breeder pipes go from the carbs into the left side one the right one got some electrical stuff and a black box in it ... there must still be some crap in the fuel pump ( i gess) that found its way in the carbs again,took the side cover on the left side carbs and the float needle valve was stuck on the front carb, took it off cleaned it and looks fine now, not leaking anymore... still don't know what is causing the problem at full throttle... will probably wait till i get my standard exhaust before trying messing with my carbs anymore otherwise will have to do it again after... anyone got a standard exhaust for sale???
  6. When I think I'm getting somewhere with my bike something else goes wrong!!! , cant even start my bike now as soon i turn the key and put the switch to ON it's pissing out fuel from the breather pipe inside the chrome pod on the left side!! must have lost 2+ liters of fuel in a couple of min! I'm well pissed off with this bike!
  7. Droping the needles to the lowest setting, so theres less fuel the plugs are ok not getting black... And the bike is using alot of fuel as well! That's the reson we've droped the needles to see if it would be better, and made it better, but still have problems at full trottle. Reason for our mechanic to think that when the've change the exhaust they never changed/upgraded the injectors or it may have a problem with the carbs or fuel pump not letting enough fuel at full trottle??? By the way the overflow on the front car started to leak again and the floats are good...
  8. That's what we've done now, but we've tried going up because we didn't know if it was starving for fuel, but made it worse so we've dropped it down to the position where it runs the best, but its still not ok, just better but i cant drop the needle anymore it's on the first setting , using half trottle its ok gets to 65/70 mph ok, but give it full trottle and gets lumpy again... could it be something to do with the air filter being a hi-flow? or the straight exhaust pipes? or fuel pump?? the exhaust on the bike don't look very old could it be that they need to be set for the carbs? or injectors upgraded? I want to get standard exhaust pipes anyway, just going to save some money and try to find some standard exhaust and then maybe book it in to a yamaha garage to try to sort it out,brought the bike home today from work... I had enough with it! we've tried everything we new, even called the yamaha garage and asked for advise and they've told us to do what we've already had done!... Would like to say thanks for everyones advise and help.
  9. We've tryed up a notch to give it more fuel we tought it was lumpy because needed more fuel, made it worse so we've brought it back down a notch , got a bit better but still not right!
  10. they are running ok now, plugs not getting black anymore that got sorted, but is still running lumpy if you rev it half way its okish, but giving it more revs its quite lumpy , only moved the needle up or down a notch ... we didn't touch the air/fuel setting at all, yes both cylinder are working and getting hot equally ... I don't really need to use the choke, we were just testing everything...
  11. Hi Thorwang and welcome to the forum, very nice looking bike
  12. hi m8 , we didn't touch tappets when service was done... so don't think thats the problem, diaphrams are ok and put fresh fuel as well... that's why i don't know what else to do next!
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