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  1. Thanks Clarke, I've got my my heart set on a 250 to save petrol. Currently riding a 600 Divvy and it's a bit on the thirsty side, plus the riding position isn't as comfortable as I would like.
  2. I've been wanting a 250cc cruiser to make my commute a bit cheaper petrolwise and a bit more comfortable. I've got my eye on a 250 Dragstar. Since it's going to be spending a lot of time on the motorway, I'd like to change the gearing to suit. I've done a bit of research and from what I can tell it looks like its predecessor, the XV 250 Virago, was pretty easy to mod but the Dragstar (crap name btw, makes it sound like a bloke in a dress) has a funny sized chain which reduces your options for sprockets. Is it possible to chuck the 428 chain and get, say, a 520 chain and then replace the sprockets with something like 17T front, 43T rear? How much work would be involved? I don't know a lot about gearing I'm afraid.
  3. I want to replace my clocks as the old ones are a bit smashed up due to pilot error. Is there a way to set the new clocks to display the old mileage?
  4. Does anyone know what size crush washer do I need to replace the old one when I change the oil on my YBR?
  5. Aye mine will accelerate up to 50 quickly enough, then creep slowly up to 60 and stay there doing about 8000rpm. One time I must have had a tailwind or something because it got up to 65 and felt like it was ready to do more but I had to slow down for a roundabout. Maybe it was just saying thanks for the recent oil change
  6. Following an embarrassing mishap my clocks covers are all smashed up. The clocks themselves are fine fortunately. I have replacement covers but to fit them it seems I need to remove the knob that resets the odo. Any idea how to accomplish this?
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